UDC 622.

JSC Salek

JSC "Salek" - the first anniversary

It is told about becoming and work of Kuzbass mine Salek, about leaders and the deserved workers of the enterprise, available industrial achievements and records. It is told about selling coal by the enterprise and prospects of development of mine are presented.
Keywords: mine, a coal mining, an operational experience, mining technics, selling of coal, prospect of development.

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UDC 622.7:622.33.012Chernigovets

Glinina Olga Ivanovna
Leading editor of Ugol magazine, mining engineer

To processing of coal - special attention

During carrying out in a Kemerovo the Kuzbass international forum Expo-Ugol 2009 for representatives of mass-media was a trip on the concentrating factory which is a part of JSC "Chernigovets". The chief of factory Leonid Vasilevich Valtsev tells about the factory, the applied equipment, about the reached results of work and about plans.
Keywords: processing of coal, the concentrating equipment, safety of work, an overall performance.

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UDC 622.33(571.56) :622.27

Hosoev Dorzho Vladimirovich
The post-graduate student of laboratory Opencust mining
Institute of mining of the North it. of N.V. Cherskij

Ermakov Sergey Aleksandrovich
Managing laboratory Opencust mining
Institute of mining of the North it. of N.V. Cherskij, cand. tech. sciences

Estimation of technologies of development a coal deposit of Elginskoe

In article it is analysed technologies of development a coal deposit of Elginskoe in view of structure of coal layers and an arrangement breeds. The complex estimation of mine technical conditions of a deposit proves an opportunity of application to technology with use of combines KSM-2000R. It is established, that application physical and chemical rocks water solutions of PAW essentially raises their productivity. Comparison of three variants by development of Elginskoe a deposit shows, that application of combines KSM-2000R will allow to improve technical and economic parameters of development of a deposit considerably.
Keywords: coal, a combine, mine technical conditions, a complex estimation, a deposit.

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UDC 622.831.325.5:622.23:622.411.33

Roiter Martin
General director of firm marco Systemanalyse und Entwicklung GmbH

Veksler Julian Abramovich
The project head of geomechanics of firm marco Systemanalyse und Entwicklung GmbH,
doctor tech. sciences, professor

Shakirov Ashat Toleuovich
Managing Research laboratory, professor of Faculty of computer science and applied economy of the Kazakh University of economy, the finance and international trade N RK, doctor tech. sciences, professor

Influence of the advanced drilling of chinks on methane safety

On the basis of the decision of a spatial problem of the theory of elasticity for preparatory development and infringement in clause collectors of gas the assumption of formation proves in a layer at drilling the advanced chinks that represents danger at the approach to them of a lavas of preparatory development. The constant control is necessary for an establishment of formation such at drilling chinks
Keywords: methane, a prospecting advancing chink, deformations of a stretching and compression, seismoacoustic equipment

Contact - e-mail: julian@marco.de ; e-mail: kazeu_astana@mail.ru



UDC 658.8.03:625.242:622.33

Dmitry Bovykin
The head of a department of marketing and analytical researches Brunswick Rail Leasing

The second wave leasing

Growth of rail transportation almost without interruption proceeds from first quarter 2009 the strongest dynamics of restoration is observed on coal - simultaneously and to the most "volumetric" cargo in Russia. For this reason first of all in the market demand on cars starts to appear. At preservation of existing tendencies in the market of rail transportation wagon can become very demanded again. How the market of a rolling stock will react to an approaching deficiency this time? The head of a department of marketing and analytical researches Brunswick Rail Leasing Bovykin Dmitry has shared the sight at immediate prospects of the market of a rolling stock with "Ugol" magazine.
Keywords: a railway transportation, wagon, leasing, the coal industry.

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UDC 338.45(100):553.042:622.33:662.6+621.31

Kremkov Michael Vitalevich
Leading scientific employee of Institute of power and automatics AN RUz.,
doctor phiz.-mat. sciences, professor

Voronin Sergey Aleksandrovich
The head of department of Institute of economy AN RUz., cand. econ. sciences

Dynamics of consumption of energy and coal and its communication with a condition of economic and financial and economic crises

Problems of consumption of energy carriers during with 1965 for 2005 in the world as a whole and in the various countries grouped by a principle of affinity of tendencies of their economic development and dynamics energy are considered. Direct correlation dependence between prominent features of the time periods or cycles of a gain/recession of relative annual volumes of universal consumption of total energy, and also coal, a condition of economic and the periods of approach, duration and depth of occuring world financial and economic crises is revealed. It is proved, that on the basis of the analysis of dynamics of volumes total energy it is possible beforehand (for 2-3 years) to predict the most probable terms of approach of world crises, and also to estimate their scales and duration.
Keywords: market economy, economy of the world industry, anti-recessionary actions, power resources.

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UDC 622.3.012.7Rudgormash1949/2009

Glinina Olga Ivanovna
Leading editor of Ugol magazine, mining engineer

To the Voronezh factory Rudgormash - 60 years

60 years ago in January, 1949 the order of Central administrative board of Mechanical engineering of the Iron and steel industry of the USSR and Glavmashmet, the Voronezh factory Mashmet has been recognized operating and letting out a commodity output. So the history of a factory which has been formed on the basis of repair shops began and intended for manufacture of the equipment for the enterprises of ferrous metallurgy. The history of a factory is reflected, is presented let out Rudgormash the mining equipment, it is told about a state of affairs at a factory, about celebrating anniversary and about forth oming plans of a factory.
Keywords: a factory of the mining equipment, the chisel equipment, the underground transport equipment, the mining-concentrating equipment.

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UDC 697.921.452:622.33

Veresov Alexander Vasilevich
General director of LLC Firm " M and M

Electroheaters for the mining and coal industry

The Firm M and M automated electroheaters installations of an automated workplace-ECO are presented let out by firm. In operation their advantages are reflected in the mining and coal enterprises.
Keywords: an electroheater, heating of air, ventilation.

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UDC 061.3:622.3.002.5

Glinina Olga Ivanovna
Leading editor of Ugol magazine, mining engineer

The Kuzbass international coal forum. On results of the international exhibition-fair Expo-Ugol 2009

From September, 15 till September, 18th, 2009 to Kemerovo passed the International coal forum within the limits of which there has passed XII International exhibition-fair Expo-Ugol 2009, IX International coal selling and exhibition-fair Coal supply and selling and XI scientifically-practical conference Power safety of Russia. New approaches to development of the coal industry. The review of firms - participants and exhibits of an exhibition-fair Expo-Ugol 2009 is presented.
Keywords: mining equipment, mining firms, an exhibition-fair.

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UDC 622.73:621.926Sandvik

Stakhanov Sergey Aleksandrovich
The head of a direction of crushing and sorting across the CIS
Company Sandvik Mining and Constructionthe CIS

Equipment SANDVIK for crushing coal

The equipment let out by company Sandvik for all cycle of processing of coal, including the equipment for crushing is presented. Are described mobile and stationary crushers of firm Sandvik.
Keywords: processing of coal, a crusher, mobile a crusher.

Contact - e-mail: sergei.stakhanov@sandvik.com


UDC 622.831.325.3:622.233.016.25

Iljashov Michael Aleksandrovich
Group "Energo", doctor tech. sciences, professor

Kozhushok Oleg Denisovich
Group "Energo", mining engineer

Agafonov Alexander Vasilevich
Group "Energo", doctor tech. sciences

Starikov Alexander Petrovich
Chairman of Board of directors MPO "Kuzbass ", cand. econ. sciences

Optimization of parameters of the chinks drilled from a surface for extraction of methane from developed space of a moving lava

The basic factor, complicating the mining in high-charged mining faces (up to 10 thousand tones per day) is a gas emission coming from coal rock mass. It is possible to provide a safe working conditions subject to utilize the integrated decontamination method of coal rock bed based on holes, drilled from roadways and surface.
Taking into consideration a high level of expenses to construct a holes from surface, some factors, determining these expenses are evaluated and an exploration survey of hole parameters, affecting on methane extraction from mine goafs of moving working faces are done. It is established that methane extraction and total efficiency of decontamination with holes diameter 146 mm and interval 300 m, are not practically different from efficiency of 10 holes diameter 108 mm, drilled with interval 200 m. Thereby expenses for construction of 10 holes diameter 108 mm are to 27% lower then construction of 7 holes diameter 146 mm.
Keywords: methane, a moving lavas, a chink, the developed space, efficiency of decontamination.

Contact - e-mail: stat@donetsksteel.com



UDC 697.512:622.481.24:622.33.012.2+622.33.012.3

Ivushkin Anatoly Alekseevich
General director of LLC "UC "Sibshahtostroj, doctor tech. sciences

Venger Konstantin Gennadjevich
Technical director of LLC "UC "Sibshahtostroj

Chichindaev Michael Georgievich
Executive director of LLC "UC"Sibshahtostrojproject

Magdich Victor Ivanovich
Deputy director on development of LLC "UC "Sibshahtostrojproject, cand. tech. sciences

Medvedev Alexander Ivanovich
Technical director SEC PU Bijskenergomash

Heat supply mines and cuts

In article results of the analysis of features of formation generation of heat capacities of collieries and cuts during their construction and operation are resulted. The structure and volumes consumption of heat in view of a kind of the heat-carrier, change of its demand in time, since development of territory of construction and construction of the enterprises before development of capacity is revealed. The concept and technical decisions of formation generation of heat capacities of collieries and cuts, in the maximal degree the functioning of the enterprises considerably raising efficiency of investments at realization of programs of a heat supply adapted for conditions are stated.
Keywords: warm, a heat supply, mine construction, mining enterprises.

Contact - e-mail: mwi-shp@yandex.ru


UDC 621.311.22:622.411.33

S. Bakhaus (www.Atec.de)

V.A. Bezpfljug (www.Demeta.net)

E.V. Mazanik (www.SUEK.ru)

S. Hoppe (www.Pro2.com)

Experience of introduction mobile TES on mine methane

Experience of introduction gas and the piston power stations in Germany and in the CIS countries is generalized, offers on complete set TES and gas are given. Overall performance TES is considered together with realization of issue projects on hotbed gases (PSO).
Keywords: recycling of mine methane, the report-Kioto, hotbed gases, mobile thermal power stations.

Contact - e-mail: ViktorB@Demeta.net


UDC 662.75:622.33:622.771

Morozov Andrey Gennadjevich
General director of LLC "Amaljtea-Servis", cand. tech. sciences

Korenjugina Natalia Viktorovna
The main technologist of MP TECHPRIBOR

Hydroshock technologies in manufacture of water-coal fuel

In article the modern technologies allowing essentially to lower power and material input on manufacture of water-coal fuel, with simultaneous improvement both technological, and operational qualities of a received product are considered.
Keywords: water-coal fuel, burning of coal, modern technologies, decrease power and material inputs, hydroshock installation of a wet grinding.

Contact e-mail: tpribor@mail.ru


UDC 622.85:622.33

Zenkov Igor Vladimirovich
FGOU VPO Siberian federal university, cand. tech. sciences

Use of alternative variants in a substantiation of a mode of works on performance of a technical stage re-cultivation the grounds

In article application of alternative variants is presented at formation: the order of working off of range of removal of a fertile layer of ground, work at a technical stage re-cultivation the grounds of agricultural purpose. On the basis of results of formation of variants of the order of working off of ranges of removal of a soil layer and their comparison the choice of the optimum variant providing the minimal expenses for works as on re-cultivation, and the subsequent cultivation of the grounds by the enterprises of agriculture is made.
Keywords: re-cultivation the grounds, a fertile layer of the ground, an alternative arrangement PSP on range of removal.

Contact - e-mail: zenkoviv@mail.ru


UDC 061.3:622.7(100)

Linev Boris Ivanovich
General director IOTT, doctor tech. sciences

Panfilov Paul Feodosievich
Senior scientific employee IOTT, cand. tech. sciences

Davidov Michael Vladimirovich
Scientific secretary IOTT, cand. tech. sciences

We invite to participation in 16th International Coal Preparation Congress

The program developed by national organizing committee of the USA on the organization and carrying out of 16th International Coal Preparation Congress which takes place on April, 25-29th, 2010 in a Lexington, state of Kentucky is presented. Conditions on participation in the congress are given
Keywords: International Coal Preparation Congress, processing of coal.

Contact - e-mail: iott@iott.ru