UDC 622.817.47 OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass, 2014


Unique Ones in Russia

The Direction of Degassing and Methane Recovery of OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass celebrated its first five years. This is unique facility of such profile in Russia. In total over a period of five years, having started practically from point zero, employees of the Direction of Degassing and Methane Recovery succeeded to achieve impressive results of their work and recognition not only at the Russian, but in the world level also. The paper reads about the work of the Direction and achieved successes.

Degassing, Methane Recovery, Drilling Equipment, Safety.

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UDC 553:622.33(571.17) V.. Kovalyov, A.I. Kopytov, V.V. Pershin, 2014

Vladimir . Kovalyov
Rector of KuzGTU, Doctor of Engineering

Alexandre I. Kopytov
President, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Mining Science,
Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Vladimir V. Pershin
Holder of Chair Construction of Underground Structures and Mines, KuzGTU,
Honoured Worker of Science of the RF, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Mineral Resources is an Important Potential of Innovative Growth
of the Coal-Metallurgic Complex of Kuzbass

The article contains the analysis of mineral resources base of the coal and iron-ore industry of Russia and Kuzbass. Based on the evaluation of mining industrys state, it gives the proposals for efficient development of the coal and metallurgic complex of Kuzbass.

Mineral Resources Base, Coal Industry, Balance Coal Reserves, Coal-Metallurgic Complex, Resources, Iron Ore, Raw Material for Iron Industry.

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UDC 622.8:622.33.012.2(470) I.I. Mokhnachuk, B.. Myshlyayev, 2014

Ivan I. Mokhnachuk
Chairman of Rosugleprof, Candidate of Economics

Boris . Myshlyayev
Honoured Designer of RF, Doctor of Engineering

On Improvement of Efficiency and Safety in Operation at Mines
of the Russian Federation

Base for creating of a really democratic country are labour efficiency and safety. By these socio-economic factors, the Russian Federation differs significantly from its principal competitor in struggle for leading position the USA, where the coal is the base of heat and power generation. Coal utilization capacity, performance and safety conditions figures at the US mines are dozens of times higher, than in the RF. We will need some dozens of years in order to achieve the US level of these factors. The paper proposes direction of works, which may enable to reduce this period of time to 10 years.

Coal, Efficiency of Second Working Equipment, Second Working Technology Safety, Coal Production Cost, Mechanization, Coal Extraction Automatization.

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UDC 622.284.74:622. Collective authors, 2014

Pavel V. Grechishkin
Researcher, Coal Institute of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Candidate of Engineering

Damir F. Zayatdinov
Deputy Director for Prospect Development, LLC RANK 2

Pavel V. Fomin
Senior Mining Engineer CJSC Raspadskaya-Koksovaya

IIya . Mursakov
Senior Mining Engineer CJSC Raspadskaya-Koksovaya

Evgueny V. Vakhrushev
Roof Bolting Technician, LLC RANK 2

Results of Dismounting the Mechanized Complex for Bottom Layer Using
a High-Strength Polymer Grid as Bridging Over

The paper describes the experience of flow diagram of dismounting the mechanized complex for the bottom layer made of the chamber formed by mining machine using a high-strength polymer grid as bridging over.

Layer Flowback of Coal Seams, Dismounting Chamber, Polymer Grid, Frame Support, Roof Bolting.

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UDC 622.281(574.32) V.F. Dyomin, V.V. Yavorsky, R.. Musin, V.V, Dyomin, T.V. Dyomina, 2014

Vladimir F. Dyomin
Professor of Chair Exploitation of Mineral Deposits, KarGTU,
Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Academician of International Academy of Informatization,
Foreign Member of the Academy of RF

Vladimir V. Yavorsky
Honoured Worker of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Holder of the Title The Best Lecturer
of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2006, 2007 and 2012, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Ravil . Musin
Researcher, Master of Mining Technology,
LLP Institut Problem Kompleksnogo Osvoyenya Nedr (Institute of Complex Development of Resources)

Vitaly V, Dyomin
Chief Safety Miner, UD JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau,
Assistant Professor of Chair Exploitation of Mineral Deposits, KarGTU, Candidate of Engineering

Tatyana V. Dyomina
Chief Lecturer of Chair Mining Aerology and Labour Safety, KarGTU,
Candidate of Engineering

Efficiency of Use of the Geo-mechanical Massif mass - Roof Bolting System
in order to Improve Stability of Mine Workings

Maintaining and increase in underground mining volume is possible only given the high technology of carrying out and maintaining development workings enabling the ramp up of mining-preparatory works. Efficiency of use of the geo-mechanical Massif mass Roof Bolting system in order to improve stability of mine workings will fully depend on possibility of overcoming and preventive neutralization of negative factor effect manifestation when applying technology of working roof bolting for different mining-technological conditions of development.

Underground Mining Techniques, Coal-Rock Massif, Mine Contours, Roofing Parameters, Defects of Workings, Geomechanical Process Management, Deformation Process Research, Convergency, Geo-mechanical Processes, Roof Bolting, Flow Charts.

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UDC 622.273 A.V. Kolevatov, 2014

Alexandre V. Kolevatov

Manless Coal Mining

The paper informs on the engineering proposal relating the Manless Coal Mining technique, the core of which is application of a rope plough (RP) with mobile guiding welt (MGW). The invention refers to the mining industry and is designed for working of coal beds using long blocks by extension and with face length of up to 100 m by falling without roofing and human presence in face. The invention objective consists in simplification of coal mining, significant reduction of produced coal cost, which is achieved due to high production rate (up to 3 thous. t per capita per month), low power consumption (up to 2kW/1t), low RP and MGW cost.

Manless Coal Mining, rope plough, Working Using Long Blocks by Extension.

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phone: +7 (905) 911-28-13


UDC 622.235:622.271:551.345 V.D. Butkin, I.V, Zenkov, A.S. Morin, 2014

Vladimir D.Butkin
Professor of FGAOU VPO Sibirsky Federalny Universitet, Doctor of Engineering

Igor V, Zenkov
Special Design-Technological Bureau Nauka, Design-Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch
of the Russian Academy of Science, Professor of FGAOU VPO Sibirsky Federalny Universitet,
Doctor of Engineering

Andrey S. Morin
Professor of FGAOU VPO Sibirsky Federalny Universitet, Doctor of Engineering

Methods of Preparation of Frozen Grounds to Extraction Using
Production and Blast Holes

The article describes briefly methods of preparation of permafrost grounds to be extracted using both specially drilled and blast holes, as part of injection of water solutions of metal chlorides (iron chloride and other) into loosen rock mass.

Frozen Grounds, Methods of Preparation to Extraction, Production and Blast Holes, Fusion of Metal Chlorides, Depositing of Clay Fractions.

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UDC 658.5:622. S.V. Kanzychakov, 2014

Sergey V. Kanzychakov
Director of Strip Pit Direction, OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass

Defense of S.V. Kanzychakovs Thesis: Validation of Mining Operation Mode
and Trends in Coal Strip Mines in Conditions of Environment Variability

The article describes the general provisions of S.V. Kanzychakovs thesis Validation of Mining Operation Mode and Trends in Coal Strip Mines in Conditions of Environment Variability, and lists the defense stages: report extracts, answers to questions, speeches, Councils conclusion.

Mine Engineering System Values, Strip Mine Production Reserves, Mining Operation Mode, Mining Operation Trends.

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UDC 658.386.3:622.33.012 O.S. Shivyryalkina, 2014

Olga S. Shivyryalkina

Defense of O.S.Shivyryalkinas Thesis: Professionalism of Head of Production Unit
Department as Efficiency and Labour Safety Factor (in terms of coal-mining industry)

The article describes the general provisions O.S. Shivyryalkinas thesis Professionalism of Head of Production Unit Department as Efficiency and Labour Safety Factor (in terms of coal-mining industry), and lists the defense stages: content of the zork, answers to questions, speeches, Councils conclusion.

Professionalism of Head of Production Unit Department, Coal Mining Facility, Labour Efficiency and Safety.

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UDC 622.242.002.237 R.Yu. Poderni, S.K. Prasolov, 2014

Roman Yu. Poderni
Professor of Chair, GMO MGGU, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Sergey K. Prasolov
Postgraduate of Chair, GMO MGGU, Mining Engineer

Study of Stiffening Parameters of Strip-Mine Drilling Machine Feed System

The paper analyses effect of design parameters of hydraulic cylinder of feed system using hydropneumatic accumulators and scheme of reeving rope pulley block for stiffness of DM-M (Ingersoll Rand) and 250-32 drilling machines feed system.

Strip-Mine Drilling Machine, Feed System, Hydraulic Cylinder, Stiffness, Hydropneumatic Accumulator.

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UDC 622.015.002.5 S.V. Solovyov, D.. Kuziyev, 2014

Sergey V. Solovyov
Postgraduate of Chair, GMO MGGU, Mining Engineer

Dilshad . Kuziyev
Assistant Professor of Chair, GMO MGGU, Candidate of Engineering

Dependence of Strip-Mine Dragline Work Process Dynamics from
Elastic-Damping Parameters of its Linkage Gear

The paper analyzes effect of strip-mine dragline work process dynamics from stiffness and damping parameters of its linkage gear.

Strip-Mine Dragline, Dynamic System of Linkage Gear, Dynamic Factor.

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UDC 622.331:622.85 K.S. Savin, 2014

Konstantin S. Savin
Postgraduate of Chair, MGGU

Ecological-Economic Analysis Using Peat Deposits to Reduce the Impact Peat Fire

Summarizes the methodological framework and the results of research on ecological and economic justification of the use of peat fields to reduce the risk of forest-peat fires.

Methodological foundations of research; Environmental and economic feasibility of use of peat deposits; Forest-peat fires.

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UDC 622.765.45.061.3:658.512 V.. Kozlov, M.F. Pikalov, 2014

Vadim . Kozlov
Chief Technologist, Coralina Engineering ()

Mikhail F. Pikalov
Engineer-Technologist, Coralina Engineering ()

Currently Available Flotation Techniques for Coal Sludge Benefication

The article examines the flotation techniques used in modern coal preparation plants. It emphasises advantages and defects of chamber mechanical flotators, air driven flotation columns with SlamJet-type aeration systems and recent CavTube-type developments. The CavTube system enables the additional froth recovery of coal micron size particles. It results the coal flotation schemes using new Stackcell technology designed for flotation of diluted coal slurries with solid content of 30-100 g/l.

Coal Flotation, Flotation Column, Aerator, Froth Product, Flotation Rejects.

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UDC 622.7:622.33(510) Ch. Shu-Yan, D.B. Nikishichev, 2014

Chzhao Shu-Yan
President of Gohua Technology Group Co, Ltd (PRC, Beijing),

Dmitry B. Nikishichev
Head of RasMin (Moscow), Candidate of Economics

Leading Coal Benefication Technology in China

The paper describes the coal benefication technology used at 524 benefication plants in China and abroad, which are designed and built by Gohua Technology Group Ltd. (Gohua) over the last 12 years. The plant technological process includes 16-22 operations. Specific power and water consumption is 5-6 kWh and 0, 05-0, 07 cubic m per ton of run coal, accordingly. As compared to the traditional benefication technology, the Gohua technology enables to reduce capital investments and operation costs by 20-40%.

Coal Benefication, Gohua technology, Hydrocyclone, Flotator, Concentrate, Middlings.

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e-mail:; phone: 0315-5913440


UDC 550.834:622.12 S.B. Aliev, B.M. Kenzhin, Yu.. Smirnov, S. Sattarov, 2014

Samat B. Aliev
Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
Full Member of the Academy of Mining Science, Euro-Asian Economic Commission

Bolat M. Kenzhin
Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Foreign Member of the Academy of Mining Science,
Karaganda Machine-Building Consortium

Yuri . Smirnov
Doctor of Engineering, Professor of KargGTU, Foreign Member of the Academy of Mining Science

Sapar Sattarov
Candidate of Engineering, Associated Professor, National Mining Company Tau-Ken Samruk

Results of Mine Acoustic Measurements in Conditions of Thick Beds
of the Karaganda Coal Field

The article lists the results of geophysical studies of Tentekskaya mine coal bed 193 d6, analyzes features of carrying out of mine acoustic measurements experimentations in release-hazardous beds of the Karaganda coal field.

Coal Bed, Methodes of Underground Seismics, Simulation of Seismic Wave Propagation Process, Holoseismic Technique (HST) and Seismic Reflection Technique (SRT).

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e-mail:; phone: +7 (964) 797-05-55