UDC 622.016:65.016.8:622.5 I.L. Kharitonov, .V. Remezov, S.V. Novoselov, V.V. Ulyanov, 2013

Igor L. Kharitonov
Chief Engineer, Polysayevskaya Mine of OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass

natoly V. Remezov
Doctor of Engineering, Professor of Chair of RMPS at KuzGTU

Sergey V. Novoselov
Doctor of Engineering, Researcher, LLC INP Impuls

Vladimir V. Ulyanov
Director OJSC Zarechnaya Mine

Justification for Alternative of Liquidation of Excavation of Dip-working
Panel 24 of Baikaimsky Bank at Imeny 7 Noyabrya Mine, OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass
in Order to Optimize Operating Costs

This article examines several variants of liquidation of exavations of dip-working panel No. 24 of Baikaimsky bed. Based on multiparameter analysis of their implementation costs, the optimum alternative is chosen.

Mine Works, Reduction of Costs for Maintenance of Mine Workings, Optimum Alternative of Costs, Economic Potential

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UDC 658.5.012.7 O.V. Krotikov, 2013

Oleg V. Krotikov
Chief of Department for Giant Tires' Use

Evaluation of Efficiency of Giant Tires' Use in Coal Strip Mines

The article analyzes vital questions of giant tires' (GT) use in coal strip mies of OJSC HC SBU-Coal. Tire correct pressure|/life relationships are resulted Exponential curves of residual depth of tire tread versus mileage of various GT brands and versions are shown. A special attention is paid to the organization of works on monitoring GT use, repair and optimal selection of tires.

Coal Mining, Giant Tre, Organization of Work, Wear and Tear, Lifetime, Mileage, Selection, Optimum Pressure, Monitoring, Steel Wire Cord, Damage, Repair

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UDC 622.625.6:622.272 V.M. Tarasov, N.I. Tarasova, D.V. Tarasov, 2013

Vladimir M. Tarasov

Nina I. Tarasova
LLC IKTs Promyshlennaya Bezopasnost (rus. - Industrial Safety)

Dmitry V. Tarasov
Student Economic Faculty KemGU

On Financial Saving and Overall Performance in the Course of Mine Cargo
Transfer by Way of Implementation of Innovative Technologies on Single-rail Transport

The articles analyzes a new method of cargo roping and transfer in tight conditions of a mine working, the application of which shall improve efficiency of cargo handling due to the use of ramiform roping technique, increase the quantity of cargo transferred, reduces wearing of equipment, improves labour efficiency and safety of miners.

Mine Working, Roping, Cargo Transfer, Innovation, Single-Rail Transport Hydraulic Hoist, Efficiency, Production Rate, Safety, Labour.

Contact information
e-mail:; phone: +7 (3842) 58-76-51


UDC 061.45:622.3(100) O.I. Glinina, 2013

Olga I. Glinina
Senior Editor of Ugol Magazine, Mining Engineer

International Mining, Power and Metallurgy Industry Fair KATOWICE 2013

From September 10 to 13, 2013 in the capital of Polish mining industry, the city of Katowice, the regular International Mining, Power and Metallurgy Industry Fair Katowice 2013 took its place. The International Fair. the largest one on this topic in Europe, is organized by JSC Polish Mining Engineering, the shareholders of which are the key Polish manufacturers of mining equipment. The KATOWICE Fair has 32-year tradition and takes place every two years in the Spodek Exhibition Center, where the exhibits of companies and firms manufacturing and supplying goods and services for coal mining, power and metallurgy industries are deployed in the space of total area exceeding 25 thous. sq. m. Over 400 exponents from 25 countries took part in the Fair Almost 30 thous. professionals from 22 countries visited the exposition. The review of companies exhibitors and their exhibits is resulted.

Mining Equipment, Polish Mining Companies, Exhibition, Safety.

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UDC 622.85:622.33(470):338.45:662./.7 N.K. Grin'ko, 2013

Nikolay K. Grin'ko
Mining Engineer, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,
Minister of Coal Industry of Ukraine (1978-1985)

Environment Protection in Mining Industry Sectors by the Example of Coal Industry

The article examines the impact of human economic activities on environment based on analysis of publications on ecology and power saving published in the Ugol magazine over the last 10 years. The article describes the studies of researchers and experts on the use of methane,coal-water slurry, prospects of deeper conversion of coals in Russia , mitigation of negative environmental impact in Kuzbass and KATEK (Kansk-Achinsk Fuel and Energetic Complex), land reclamation in the 21-th century.

Ecology, Power Saving, Methane, Coal-Water Slurry, Deeper Coal Conversion, Alternative Power Industry.

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UDC 622.273.217.22:621.311.22:662.929.7 V.O. Shekhovtsova, V.I. Murko, L.P. Ponasenko,
S.L. Ponasenko, 2013

Viktoria O. Shekhovtsova
Senior Lecturer,SibGIU

Vassily I.Murko
Director for Science, CJSC NPP Sibecotekhnika,
Doctor of Engineering

Leonid P. Ponasenko
Director, LLC Opts Kuzniishakhtstroy,
Candidate of Engineering

Sergey L. Ponasenko
Chief Engineer of Project of Kuzniishakhtstroy,
Candidate of Engineering

Justification for Technology of Ash-Slag Waste Recycling at Coal HPPs
(Heat Power Plants) During Mining Operation

The article describes the justification of environmentally safe and cost-effective process solutions for mining operations with goaf stowing. In order to stow the goaf, a curing mixture based on finely ground ash-slag wastes (ASW) and these ones of mining and metallurgy industries is prepared.

Undeground Operation;Goaf Stowing; Ash-Slag Waste Recycling.

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UDC 622.85:622.794.3:662.76:658.26 V.G. Luriy, A.N. Pankratov, 2013

Valery G. Luriy
General Director, LLC NIKKOM,
Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Alexandre N. Pankratov
Deputy General Director, LLC NIKKOM,
Candidate of Engineering

Environmentally Safe Preparation and Conversion of Low-Grade and Waste
Coals to Fuel Gas, Heat and Electric Power

The article is dedicated to new process and engineering solutions, based on which a complex system of preparation of low-grade and waste coals, as well as waste coal vortex gasification technology have been prepared. The paper describes the composition and designation of developed sections of test stand for working up of processes of low-grade coal product preparation and gasification with obtaining energy sources in the form of power gas, power energy and heat. It specifies the basic results of the carried out experimental research. The article shows the advantages of integrated combination of developed coal preparation and gasification processes and prospects of their implementation in coal refineries.

Technology of Vortex Low-Grade and Waste Coal Gasification; Power Gas; Autothermal Process of Low-Grade and Waste Coal Conversion to Power Gas; Integrated Plant for Simultaneous Vortex Drying, Grinding and Separation of Feedstock; Equipment for Power Gas Treatment and Cooling; Integrated Fuel Treatment.

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UDC 541.1 V.A. Rafienko, T.I. Yushina, V.. Vertogradsky, 2013

Vladimir A. Rafienko
Candidate od Economics, MGRI-RGGRU

Tatiana I. Yushina
Candidate of Engineering, Assistant Professor, Head of Chair
Mineral Dressing, MGGU

Valery . Vertogradsky
Doctor of Engineering, Professor, MGRI-RGGRU

Features of Shungite Rock Drying with Minimum Decomposition of Sulphides

The atricle contains recommendations on selection of optimal temperature for shungite rock drying and mitigation of adverse environmental effect of sour gases released.

Shungite Rock, Drying, Thermal Decomposition of Sulphides, Thermoanalysis, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Thermogravimetry.

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UDC 622.332(575.2) D.. Kamchybekov, 2013

Duyshenbek . Kamchybekov
Member of the Board of Directors of OJSC Kyrgyzaltyn (the Kyrgyz Republic),
Candidate of Engineering

Kavak Coal Basin: Status and Growth Prospects

This article examines the milestones of growth of the Kavak brown coal field, the accelerated development of which would enable to satisfy requirements of the northern region of the Kyrgyz Republic using its own coal. It offers recommendations to the Government of the KR and respective public authorities.

Brown Coal, Open-Pit Mine, Exploitation, Coal Production, Fuel and Energy Complex, Kara-Kech, Coal Mine Fire, Licence Law.

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UDC 061.3:622.861:658.3:658.387 V.V. Lisovsky, V.Y. Grishin, I.L. Kravchuk, A.V. Galkin, 2013

Vladimir V. Lisovsky
Chief of Department for Production control and Industrial Safety, Labour and Environment Protection,

Valery Y. Grishin
Deputy Director for Industrial Safety
Chief of Department for Production control, OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass

Igor L. Kravchuk
Director for Mining Production Safety, LLC NIIOGR
Doctor of Engineering

Alexey V. Galkin
Researcher, LLC NIIOGR, Candidate of Engineering

On Operative Personnel Injury Risk Management: Maintaining Hazardous Production
Situation at an Acceptable Risk Level

The paper describes the results of a meeting on preparation of PC service employees to mastering instruments of maintaining hazardous production situations at an acceptable level and to certification of line managers for their capability to detect and prevent maintaining hazardous production situations.

Risk, Acceptable Level, Hazardous Production Situation, Retention, Real-time Control.

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UDC 338.5:622.33 E.N. Petrova, N.A. Ignatushchenko, 2013

Elizaveta N. Petrova
Senior Lecturer, Kemerovo State University

Nikolay A.Ignatushchenko
Candidate od Economics, Professor of MGOU

Margin Analysis for Planning Coal Price Base

The article describes the principled approaches of theory and practice of margin analysis as applied to issues of planning coal base price, it describes also possible situational tasks in order to determine raisonable variants of price policy of coal mines, and examines the ways of use of this method with a view to plan transfer prices.

Margin Analysis, Planning Price Base, Transfer Prices

Contact information
phone: +7 (916) 173-10-16; e-mail:

UDC 339.1:361,362 L.A. Nikitina, A.V. Shiribazarov, 2013

Liudmila A. Nikitina
Candidate of Economics, Assistant Professor at Chair of Organization and Planning
of Business-Processes, Moscow State Food Production University

Aldar V. Shiribazarov
Postgraduate of the State Scientific Institution
All-Russian Research Institute of Milk Industry

Potential of Functional Products Market for Gerontological Nutrition

The article analyzes potential of functional products market for gerontological nutrition focused on increase of consumption of the products useful for the human health.

Gerontological Nutrition, Functional Products, Health, Market, Sales.

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UDC 622.8:622.33.012.3(083.96) A.V. Dyakonov, 2013

Andrey V. Dyakonov
born in 1965, in 1987 completed the Mining Faculty
of the Far-Eastern Technological University named after Kuybyshev.
The work experience in coal industry is 26 years, 10 from them
hold the position of Chief Engineer of RU Novoshakhtinskoye, OJSC Primorskugol

Head of Research:
Vladimir Borisovich Artemiev
Deputy General Director
Director for Production Operations, OJSC SUEK,
Doctor of Engineering

Defence of .. Dyakonov's Thesis: Development of Functional of Head of Section
in Order to Improve Production Efficiency and Safety in Coal Strip Mine

The paper explains the basic provisions of .V. Dyakonov's thesis Development of Functional of Head of Section in Order to Improve Production Efficiency and Safety in Coal Strip Mine, and describes the principal stages of the defence: The work essence, answers to questions, speeches, the Counsel's conclusion.

Functional of Head of Section, Coal Strip Mine, Production Efficiency and Safety.

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UDC 622.281.74(574.32) V.F. Demin, V.S. Portnov, R.. Musin, .D. Mausymbaeva, V.V. Demin, 2013

Vladimir F. Demin
Professor of Chair Exploitation of Mineral Deposits at KarGTU, Doctor of Engineering

Vasily S. Portnov
Director of Department for Educational Process Organization at KarGTU,
Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Ravil . Musin
Researcher, Master of Mining Technology
LLP Institut Problem Kompleksnogo Osvoyenya Nedr

lia D. Mausymbaeva
Senior Lecturer, Chair Exploitation of Mineral Deposits at KarGTU, Candidate of Engineering

Vitaly V. Demin
Chief Miner for Safety, UD ArselorMittal Temirtau,
Assistant Professor of Chair Exploitation of Mineral Deposits at KarGTU,

Anchorage of Mine Workings in Order to Improve Coal Rock Mass Stability

The work describes the results of the study of lineament development workings' stability given their stressed-deformed state.

Roof bolting, Mine Working, Rock Pressure, Stressed-Deformed State, Karaganda Coal Basin.

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UDC 552.57:550.8 V.M. Kalinchenko, D.N. Shurygin, D.. Efimov, 2013

Vladimir M. Kalinchenko
Head of Chair Mine Surveying and Geodesy at South-Russia's State Technical University
(NPI) named after M.I. Platov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering

Dmitry N. Shurygin
Assistant of Professor, Chair Mine Surveying and Geodesy at South-Russia's State Technical University
(NPI) named after M.I. Platov, Candidate of Engineering

Dmitry . Efimov
Acting Chief Mine Surveyor of Sadkinskaya Mine, LLC Yuzhnaya Ugolnaya Kompanya

Technique of Forcasting Low-Amplitude Broken Condition of Coal Beds

The work examines the technique of forcasting low-amplitude broken condition of coal beds by the example of Sdkinskaya Mine (Eastern Donbass). In accordance with the results of simulation of probable mine field troublesome zones, the forcasting of their parameters (amplitude, extension, attitude) was performed and forecast map of coal bed brocken condition on the sections prospective for working was made.

Geological Broken Condition, Low-Amplitude Broken Condition of Coal Beds, Brocken Condition Zone, Forecast Map of Coal Bed Broken Condition.

Contact information
phone: +7 (863) 203-55-58


UDC 622.794.4:622.33 Uglev, 2013

Professor Uglev

Nanotechnologies for Drying of Coal Wastes are a Safety Conduct

In this article, Professor Uglev presents examines new perspective technology of dehydration of coal wastes, that allows to get eventual moisture of product the same, as well as at the thermal drying, but on an order safer on ignition and explosion of braize.

Drying of coal wastes, nanosieve, molecular sieves, zeolite.

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UDC 622.85:622.882.003 I.V. Zenkov, B.N. Nefedov, O.V. Sibiryakova, E.V. Kiriushina, V.N. Vokin, 2013

Igor V. Zenkov
Doctor of Engineering, Berdsk Branch of Berdskstroymash of
Special Design Technology Bureau Nauka, KNTs of Siberian Branch of the RAS,
Professor , FGAOU VPO Sibirsky Federalny Universitet

Boris N. Nefedov
Candidate of Engineering, Berdsk Branch of Berdskstroymash
Special Design and Production Engineering Office Nauka, KNTs of Siberian Branch
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Olga V. Sibiryakova
Assistant Professor, FGAOU VPO Sibirski Federalny Universitet, Candidate of Economic Science

Elena V. Kiriushina
Senior Lecturer, FGAOU VPO Sibirski Federalny Universitet,
Candidate of Engineering

Vladimir N. Vokin
Professor, FGAOU VPO Sibirski Federalny Universitet,
Candidate of Engineering

Recultivation Economy. Rock Dump Repair

The article describes the results of evaluation of expenditures connected with reclaimed rock dumps of coal strip mines. It contains the conclusion on economic inexpedience of postponing rock dump repair works to the later periods of time from the date of beginning of their destruction .

Coal Strip Mines, Rock Dumps, Land Reclamation, Recultivation Economy, Dump Repair.

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