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UDC 338.97:622.3.013 © P.V. Simonin, N.M. Fomenko, O.A. Anichkina, Yu.V. Kuznetsov, 2022

ISSN 0041-5790 (Print) • ISSN 2412-8333 (Online) • Ugol’ – Russian Coal Journal, 2022, № 12, pp. 72-77

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18796/0041-5790-2022-12-72-77


Strategies and prospects for industrial development of Russia and Europe in conditions of sanctions and low-carbon economy


Simonin P.V.1, Fomenko N.M.2, Anichkina O.A.3, Kuznetsov Yu.V.4

1 Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, 125993, Russian Federation

2Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow,117997, Russian Federation

3K.G. Razumovsky Moscow State University of Technologies and Management, Moscow, 109004, Russian Federation

4 St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation

Authors Information

Simonin P.V., PhD (Economic), Associate Professor, Chair of Management and Innovation, Faculty of Higher School of Management, e-mail: pvsimonin@fa.ru, simoninp-v@mail.ru

Fomenko N.M., Doctor of Economic Sciences, ProfessorDepartment of Management and Business Technologies, e-mail: fnata77@mail.ru

Anichkina O.A., PhD (Economic), Associate Professor Department of Finance, Accounting and Economic Security, e-mail: F-1980@yandex.ru

Kuznetsov Yu.V., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Department of Management and Planning of Social and Economic Processes, e-mail: y.kuznetsov@spbu.ru


The article deals with topical issues of industrial development of Russia and Europe in the context of sanctions policy and the possible dangers of switching to a low-carb economy. The issues related to the contradictions of economic growth, the energy crisis, the concept of industrial development, as well as acute problems of the "green" economy are studied. The most important aspects of the implementation of the "Fit for 55" package in the conditions of sanctions and the use of a strategy of total reduction of imports of Russian raw materials were touched upon. The necessity of revising the prospects associated with industrial development based on innovative energy technologies, decarbonization of the economy and the use of renewable energy resources is substantiated.


Strategies, Industrial development, Decarbonization, Sanctions, Human capital, Renewable energy sources, Green economy.


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For citation

Simonin P.V., Fomenko N.M., Anichkina O.A. & Kuznetsov Yu.V. Strategies and prospects for industrial development of Russia and Europe in conditions of sanctions and low-carbon economy. Ugol’, 2022, (12), pp. 72-77. (In Russ.). DOI: 10.18796/0041-5790-2022-12-72-77.

Paper info

Received October 30, 2022

Reviewed November 14, 2022

Accepted November 25, 2022


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