УГОЛЬ № 10-2009


UDC 622.817.47

Ruban Anatoly Dmitrievich
Deputy director URAN IPKON Russian Academy of Science, a member-корр. Russian Academy of Science

Zaburdjaev Victor Semenovich
Leading scientific employee URAN IPKON Russian Academy of Science, doctor tech. sciences

Artemyev Vladimir Borisovich
Assistant to the general director of OJSC "SUEK" - director on industrial operations, doctor tech. sciences

Loginov Alexander Kimovich
General director of OJSC "SUEK-Kuzbass", cand. tech. science

Experience of high-efficiency work of lavas on methane coal layers

High-intensity working off of coal layers is accompanied by sharp growth methane in mining developments, formation of conditions for lavas and increase of probability of ignition and explosions methane mixes. Achievement of high efficiency of lavas and a safety of mining works under the gas factor are reached by application of a complex of highly effective ways of decontamination of sources methane and airings of mining developments. On an example of experience of mines it with. M. Kirov and «Kotinskaja» Company "SUEK-Kuzbass" are presented developed according to scientific recommendations and positions RD-15-09-2006 «Methodical recommendations for the order of decontamination in collieries» technological decisions on decontamination developed by mines methane the coal layers, provided achievement of loadings on a lavas more than 10.000 tone a day In conditions of mine it with. M. Kirov and more than 20.000 tone a day In conditions of mine “Kotinskaja”.
Keywords: methane layers, development, methane, a lavas, safety, productivity.

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UDC 622.232.72:622.

Filippov Nikolay Sergeevich
Mining engineer, mine “Alardinskaja” (Novokuznetsk)

Definition of the maximal speed of submission miner combine on resistibility of coal to cutting and steady capacity of a drive

In article the technique of definition of the maximal speed of submission miner combine on resistibility of coal is presented to cutting and steady capacity of a drive. It is calculated, that miner combine it is necessary for achievement of necessary speed of submission, that capacity of a drive of cutting machines corresponded to resistibility of coal to cutting. The above resistibility of coal to cutting, the is more than coal, the capacity of a drive miner combine is less than machine.
Keywords: miner combine, capacity of a drive, resistibility of coal to cutting.

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UDC 621.879.48:622.271

Chudnovsky Vladimir Judovich
Doctor tech. sciences, professor (Israel)

Bases of designing of ladles of a new scientific and technical level for career rotor dredges

Results theoretical and experimental researches which for the first time have allowed to prove scientifically rational parameters are resulted and to develop bases of designing of the cutting equipment career rotor dredges, adequating to criteria of minimization of power consumption of cutting and dynamics of working process. Are shown a urgency, technical and economic feasibility of reequipment of park rotor dredges at the coal enterprises of Russia by application on their working bodies of the cutting equipment of a new scientific and technical level.
Keywords: career rotor dredge, a ladle cutting.

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UDC 622.233+235

Trotsenko Oksana Aleksandrovna
Post-graduate student the North-Caucasian college of mines-metallurgical (GTU)

Optimization of technology bookmark in chinks the granulated explosives at extraction of ores

Classification of processes electricity is offered at chisel and explosive works on careeres and mines on the basis of occurrence of a static electricity on border of break of surfaces contacting among themselves firm ph. Is shown, that the choice of a safe variant extraction of ores detonation explosive materials is defined by a parity natural and technology factors: a structure of the main pipeline and bookmark a hose; humidity explosive materials; electrospending properties of breeds and an arrangement of the insurgent with a detonator; and the control of safety is provided with a method of contactless registration of the electrostatic phenomena in a pneumowire. Typification of methods of a safety bookmark by criterion of safety of process bookmark is offered. The model of efficiency of increase of reliability bookmark from a parity of consequences of accidents in money terms both by expenses on preventive maintenance and the prevention of their occurrence and development is given.
Keywords: chisel and explosive works, granulated explosive, electrospending properties of breeds, electrostatic phenomena.

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Glinina Olga Ivanovna
Leading editor of “Ugol” magazine, mining engineer

On results of work of XVI international specialized exhibition “Ugol of Russia and Mining – 2009”

From June, 2 till June, 5th, 2009 in a Novokuznetsk there passed XVI International specialized exhibition « “Ugol of Russia and Mining – 2009” which is an exhibition 1 in the world on technologies of a underground coal mining. The high level of a coal forum proves to be true Signs on the largest exhibition communities: UFI - the World association of the exhibition industry and RSVY - the Russian union of exhibitions and fairs. With 2003 the exhibition passes under home nursing of Commercial and industrial chamber of the Russian Federation. The review of firms - participants of an exhibition “Ugol of Russia and Mining – 2009” and exhibits - the equipment presented at an exhibition is presented.
Keywords: the mountain equipment, mountain firms, an exhibition.

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HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH, Dulmen, Germany

Electro-hydraulic machine EL 160LS with a telescopic arrow, a chisel gun carriage for drilling, a ladle with lateral unloading and a ladle with active working hammers for “Mine “Komsomolets of Donbass” in Ukraine

Machine EL 160LS with a telescopic arrow, a chisel gun carriage for drilling explosive of shpures, a ladle with lateral unloading and a ladle with active working hammers is described electro-hydraulic shtrek. Operating experience of this machine on mine “Komsomolets of Donbass” in Ukraine is presented.
Keywords: electro-hydraulic machine of shtrek, drilling, miner works.

Contact – e-mail: info@hazemag.de

UDC 622.53:621.65.052.3

Kalaev Vladimir Anatolevich
Managing faculty of Naval engineering institute (VMII), doctor tech. sciences, professor

Kozlov Vladimir Mihajlovich
Senior scientific employee - senior lecturer of faculty VMII, cand. tech. sciences

Kamentsev Andrey Vadimovich
General director JSC "Institute "SHAHTOPROEKT”

Outflow of water complexes of the mines equipped by pump units, and features of their application

Experience of application pump units in complex hydrodynamical conditions is presented.
Keywords: pump units, hydraulic impacts, outflow of water complexes.

Contact - e-mail: shaht-proekt@etelecom.spb.ru

UDC 658.562

Thomas Pelz
Manager under the control over quality, AUMUND Fourdertechnik GmbH (Germany)

Nikolay Felten
Sales manager across the Europe, AUMUND Fourdertechnik GmbH (Germany)

AUMUND: Product-oriented quality management also prevents piracy

Product piracy turns into an increasingly serious problem for European producers. According to the study of a renowned audit firm, customs officials of the EU member countries seized more than 79 million counterfeited goods in 2007, and the trend is rising. Not only classic objects such as T-shirts, watches and sneakers but also technical products like screws, chains or machines are counterfeit in growing quantities. The AUMUND Group based in Rheinberg regards this development with the same concerns as the competitors in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) – and complicates matters for the pirates as far as possible by means of an efficient quality management.
Keywords: product piracy, product-oriented quality management, AUMUND Group.

Contact – e-mail: liu@aumund-holding.nl

UDC 621.643.41:622.33.012.2

Nurgaleev Tatgat Kamilevich
Director of firm DAT Mining Technics

Highly pressure head pipelines of system Weinhold

Specially developed connections for highly pressure pipelines and the hoses applied in underground conditions are considered. Their principle of action and a scope are presented WE-ER® armatures for hoses, and also trumpet systems with armature for pressure head and drain highways for application in underground conditions.
Keywords: highly pressure pipelines, WE-ER® connections of pipeline systems, underground mining developments.

Contact - е-mail: dat-kuzbass@mail.ru


UDC 536.12:622.272.33

Nedelko Alexander Jurevich
Leading engineer of OJSC NPP "Etalon"

Measurement of temperature in the contactless way at presence of electromagnetic fields and TVCH

In article developed OJSC NPP "Etalon" for the Russian consumers a new fibre-optical pyrometer and a fibre-optical cable with metrological characteristics at a level of import analogues, but more accessible at cost are presented.
Keywords: an optical fiber, a pyrometer, measurement of temperature.

Contact - е-mail: omsketalon@list.ru


UDC 338.8:658.155:622.33.012

Starikov Alexander Petrovich
Chairman of Board directors MPO "Kuzbass", cand. economic sciences

Izygzon Naum Borisovich
Deputy director Institute CNIEIugol, doctor economic sciences

Perfection of a control system of innovative activity of the coal company

Achievement of long-term competitiveness of the coal company is possible due to realization of process of organizational transformations - address changes in all elements of structure and viability of its divisions: technologies, the capital, the personnel and a control system.
Keywords: innovative strategy, transformation of administrative structure, competitiveness, the head.

Contact - е-mail: ugol@cnieiugol.ru


UDC 338.45:331.015.13:658.155:622.33.012

Baskakov Vladimir Petrovich
General director Holding Company "SDS-Ugol"

Makarov Alexander Mihajlovich
Assistant to the general director of OJSC "Scientific and technological centre - NIIOGR", doctor tech. sciences, professor

Standardization of productions - a way to achievement of balance of interests and the responsibility of the personnel of the coal company (by results of meeting «Standardization of productions - a key problem of development of the enterprise», Prokopievsk, August, 20-21th, 2009)

The balance of interests and the responsibility is "stumbling-block" of operation of business and the company as from, whether interests of participants of production and whether are supported they by the real responsibility, in a defining measure results both current activity, and development of the enterprise depend.
Keywords: balance of interests and the responsibility, the standard, standardization of production, efficiency and safety of manufacture.

Contact - е-mail: niiogr@bk.ru

Corporation “Electronic Archive” (ELAR)

Creation of specialized archives of the coal industry

In article the project of electronic archive for the enterprises of the coal industry is presented. It is told about creation and introduction of the given project on OJSC "SPb-Giproshaht” and OJSC "SUEK". So on Institute "SPb-Giproshaht” some millions documents - the design documentation and explanatory a note have been translated in an electronic kind. The archive represented the documentation of a different format and quality, including the order of one million documents was in the form of drawings of a format from А2 up to А0. Realization of the project has demanded attraction from Corporation in total the order 100 person. The industrial personnel and several tens units of industrial scanners. The project has been realized in deadlines - numbering of all archive of the enterprise has been executed all for one year. The system of electronic archive SUEK minimizes expenses of time for search of the necessary documents and consolidates resources of the central office and all territorially-distributed branches, that as a result leads to essential increase of availability of the information. ELAR allowed to create a uniform information platform on the basis of which interaction of the General center of service and regional has been organized production associations.
Keywords: electronic archive, numbering, document circulation, the coal enterprises.

Contact - e-mail: OKapchinskaya@elar.ru

UDC 338.5:553.045:552.574.003.1

Dabiev David Fedorovich
Senior scientific employee of the Tuva institute of complex natural resources development of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, cand. economic sciences

Sojan Mergen Kistaj-oolovich
Senior scientific employee of the Tuva institute of complex natural resources development of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, cand. economic sciences

Lebedev Vladimir Ilich
Director of the Tuva institute of complex natural resources development of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, doctor geology-miner. sciences

Cost an estimation of deposits of coals of Republic Tyva

In article results of a cost estimation of deposits of coals Ulug-Hemskoe of pool are shown. Application of criterion of a gain of the total discounted added cost has allowed to estimate economic potential of deposits of coals of Republic Tyva in cost expression.
Keywords: coals, coal deposits Ulug-Hemskoe and South-Yakut, economic potential of development of deposits.

Contact - е-mail: a_orlan@mail.ru


UDC 662.6:658.26:622.7:622.33:54:338.5

Nekrasov Sergey Aleksandrovich
FGUP Institute of combustible minerals

Grachev Ivan Dmitrievich
Vice-president of committee on power of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Creation coal and chemical complexes - a way of improvement of a heat supply of the population

Opportunities of creation coal and chemical complexes for improvement of power supply of municipal formations are considered. The system of technological decisions on the basis of deep processing coal for deprecication of a fuel component of tariffs is offered. Laws of distribution of tariffs for housing-and-municipal services on an example of a heat supply are shown, social and economic consequences of influence of operating system tariffs are analysed.
Keywords: coal and chemical, a heat supply, energy saving, prices and tariffs, tariffs.

Contact - е-mail: san693@mail.ru


UDC 628.52:658.8.012

Butovsky Michael Efroimovich
Rubcovsk industrial institute

Waste of the enterprise of OJSC "Gortopsbyt" on realization of coal

In article waste (only 19 pieces) 1-5 classes of danger fuel-trading of the enterprise are considered. Ways of recycling of the basic waste of the organization are offered.
Keywords: waste, ways of recycling, the enterprise

Contact - е-mail: butovm@mail.ru


UDC 622.7:622.33.012.2 (470.61)

Garbuzov Vladimir Fedorovich
Assistant to the general director on enrichment of coal of OJSC "Mine “Vostochnaja”

Kabalin Jury Mihajlovich
Chief of a site of quality assurance of coal of OJSC "Mine “Vostochnaja”

Zufman Jury Mihajlovich
Mining engineer

Davidov Michael Vladimirovich
Scientific secretary FGUP “IOTT”, cand. tech. science

Input of new capacities on processing and enrichment of coal - one of perspective directions of increase of an overall performance of the enterprises

Realization of the project on reconstruction of a technological complex of a surface of OJSC "Mine “Vostochnaja” has allowed to improve industrial parameters of the enterprise. Commissioning of new capacities on processing and enrichment of coal provides increase of an overall performance of the enterprises, improvement of quality of let out production and its demand the enterprises.
Keywords: technological complex, reconstruction, dry processing, increase of an overall performance, improvement of quality.

Contact - е-mail: iott@iott.ru