UDC 061.45:622.271(100) O.I. Glinina, 2011

Olga I. Glinina
Leading Editor of Ugol Magazine, Mining Engineer

Summary of The First International Theoretical & Practical Conference Open Cast Mining in the XXI Century

On October 4 to 2011 in Krasnoyarsk the First International Theoretical & Practical Conference Open Mining in the XXI Century organized on the initiative of Siberian Coal Utility Company (SUEK) was held. About three hundred people who represented major institutes and leading mining companies across Russia and from abroad participated in the conference. Over the four days the conference participants shared their experiences and analyzed the latest global achievements as well as the main lines of development for the mining industry. The overview includes the summary of the most interesting reports and speeches delivered by the conference participants.

Open cast mining, Mining machinery, SUEK, Coal producer, Outlook for development, Job safety, Safety.

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UDC 622.234.573:622.831.5 Yu.M. Lekontsev, P.V. Sazhin, S.Yu. Ushakov, 2012

Yuri M. Lekontsev
Senior Staff Scientist
of the Mining Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Science

Pavel V. Sazhin
Junior Staff Scientist
of the Mining Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Science

Sergei Yu. Ushakov
Chief Engineer
Of "Romanovskaya Mine of Gornyak Ltd

Softening of a Dirt Bed within a Coal Bed in Conditions of Romanovskaya Mine Using an Interval Hydraulic Fracturing (IHF) Method

It shows the results of the mine-based tests aimed at the softening of a dirt bed within the Abramovsky coal bed of (Romanovskaya mine) using an interval hydraulic fracturing (IHF) method based on the changes in physical and mechanical properties of the said dirt bed obtained by through laboratory testing. Based on the performed work the conclusions were made as to the efficiency of the said method for decreasing a dirt bed strength and consequently improving coal production when developing similar beds.

Dirt bed, Interval hydraulic fracturing, Sealer, Valve, Water saturability, Saturation rate.

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UDC 622. S.A. Prokopenko, 2012

Sergei A. Prokopenko
Director of NPP Sibirskiye Gornopromyshleniki
Professor of YUTI TPU & KemRIPK, Doctor of Science

Versatile Reusable Blade for Plowing and Mining Machines

It offers methods for testing and evaluation of competitiveness of blades for plowing and mining machines that help to make the right choice of products and prevent overexpenditure of funds and shows the design of the reusable blade with a versatile blade shank for mounting at different types of plowing and mining machines. The performed tests of the innovation blades have demonstrated their high technical and economic efficiency.

Mine, Plowing and mining machine, Blade, Service life, Efficiency, Versatility.

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phone: +7 (3842) 34-56-70; e-mail:


UDC 622.817.47:622.411.33.004.8 A.D. Ruban, 2012

Anatoliy D. Ruban
Director of Institute of Problems of Comprehensive Development
of Minerals of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Mine Methane Problem in Russia

Anatoliy D. Ruban made his report on the subject of Mine Methane Problem in Russia at the fifth conference Coalltrans Russia and CIS 2011 held in Moscow on June 27 to 28 2011. The summary of the conference was published in No 9 of Ugol magazine. Given the topicality of the mine methane problem solution in Russias coal industry we would like to offer our readers a complete version of this report. For Russias coal industry that develops the worlds biggest methane-containing coal beds with the average methane content of 8.3 kg/ton of coal against the worlds average of 4.9 kg/ton the elimination of a negative influence of the gas factor is an extremely burning issue.

Mine methane gas, Methane-rich mines, Injury rate, Degassing, Regulatory and Methodological documents, Automated control system, Mine methane utilization.

UDC 622.411.33:614.835.5:541.12 Ye.A. Kolesnichenko, V.B. Artemyev, I.Y. Kolesnichenko,
Ye.I. Lyubomishenko, 2012

Yevgeny A. Kolesnichenko
Head of Industrial and Environmental Safety Department
of Shakhtinsk University (Branch) of FBGOU VPO YURGTU (NPI),
Doctor of Science, Professor

Vladimir B. Artemyev
Deputy Director General
Production Operation Director of JSC SUEK,
Doctor of Science, Professor

Igor Y. Kolesnichenko
Deputy Director for Educational Activities
of Shakhtinsk University (Branch) of FBGOU VPO YURGTU (NPI),
Doctor of Science, Professor

Yekaterina I. Lyubomishenko
Postgraduate of Industrial and Environmental Safety Department
of Shakhtinsk University (Branch) of FBGOU VPO YURGTU (NPI)

Energy and Chemical Laws for Methane-Air Explosion Formations in Dusted Atmosphere of Coal Mines

It shows that the issue of explosions within mines involving methane and powdered coal dust can be resolved on the basis of taking into account the fundamental chemical processes that occur when gas-dust-air mixture is heated. The methods must interrupt chemical reactions of explosive reactions forming a detonating mixture, water and acetylene vapors with high energy emissions. It specifies the laws of formation of these reaction products at different methane concentrations. It suggests for the first time that the number of free radical moles on the dust particle surface be taken into account when evaluating the energy emitted in the thermal decomposition of powdered coal. The results are the basis for choosing practical methods of preventing explosions and fires that involve methane and powdered coal.

Methane and powdered coal explosion prevention; methane concentrations; energy emissions in reaction product formation; chemical laws; chemical reaction interruption; microscopic dust; free radicals; detonating mixtures; acetylene.

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e-mail:; phone: +7 (919) 871-26-51


UDC 338.45:658.155:622.33 N.N. Trunina, 2012

Nina N. Trunina
Postgraduate of Moscow Open State University

Main Principles of Efficiency and Practicability of Innovations in the Coal Industry

It deals with the principles of systematization of technical and technological innovation projects and provides the basis of the budgetary incentive sources (co-investment and preferential taxation) for innovation projects featuring a full cycle of transformation of intangible assets into tangible ones.

Technical and technological innovations, Systematization, Innovation project implementation, Incentives.

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UDC 622.78:622.33:622.481.24:669.1.018 A.V. Burmakina, I.P. Morozov, 2012

Anna V. Burmakina
Assistant at EVT Department
of Moscow Energy University

Igor P. Morozov
Professor of EVT Department
of Moscow Energy University, Candidate of Science

Comprehensive Approach to Coal Combustion in the Melted Slag

The development of the coal industry requires the following: higher efficiency of production, benefication and processing of coal based on the new technologies and establishing the production of high quality end products with a comprehensive and waste-free use of coal and associated resources.

Coal, Melted slag, Cement clinker, Iron, Energy intensity, Energy-efficient flow chart.

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UDC 622.7+622.33.013.364.2 L.A. Antipenko, 2012

Lyna A. Antipenko
Scientific Work Director of JSC Sibniiugleobogashenye,
Honorary Member of AGN, Doctor of Science

Coal Benefication Is the Coal Industrys Tomorrow

Over the last few years the requirements for power station coals have become more demanding. Flow charts and arrangement solutions have changed to meet the technologys parameters and benefication engineering with regard to coking coals. The Sibniiugleobogashenye Institute has developed a principally new scheme of coking coal benefication.

Coal benefication, Coal processing technologies, Gravity benefication methods, Flotation, New coking coal benefication scheme.

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UDC 061.3:622.7(100) M.V. Davidov, L.R. Gadzhaeva, 2012

Mikhail V. Davidov
Academic Secretary of FGUP IOTT

Laura R. Gadzhaeva
Chief Specialist-Expert
Of Department of Coal and Peat Industry
Of Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation

Main Resolutions Adopted at the First Kick-off Meeting of the International Organizing Committee of the XVII International Coal Benefication Congress

The article gives the information about the participation of the specialists of Department of Coal and Peat Industry of Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation in the first meeting of the XVII International Coal Benefication Congress and also provides the report on holding the next XVIII Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Coal benefication, Congress, Benefication equipment exhibition.

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UDC 622.765(430.1) A.S. Kirnarskyy, 2012

Anatoliy S. Kirnarskyy

Specialist for mineral processing

Water - Slurry Circuit of Coal Preparation Plants in Germany

It is described the water - slurry circuit of coal preparation plants in Germany, which distinguishes by reclaiming of primary and secondary slimes, regeneration of circulating water by means of flotation, clarification of flotation tailings in radial thickeners, dewatering of thickened product in chamber filter presses or decanters, by means of which has been reached the closed water circulation without using of pond.

Water - Slurry Circuits, Air Centrifugal Separator, Coal Preparation Plants in Germany, Flotation

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Russia: phone: +7 (495) 697 7478; e-mail:;
Germany: phone +49 (0) 2161 901080; e-mail:


UDC 553.93:622.335. Yu.Y. Kaputin, S.B. Nikishichev, A.A. Tverdov, 2012

Yuri Y. Kaputin
Manager of Mining Optimization Department of IEEC,
Doctor of Science

Sergei B. Nikishichev
Director of IEEC/IMC Montan, Candidate of Science

Andrei A. Tverdov
Mining Engineer of IEEC, Candidate of Science

Experience of Application of Gorlovka Coal Field Computer Simulation Results for Strategic and Operational Planning

It deals with the topicality of application of 3-D geological and mining simulation. The coal production companies of CJSC Sibirsky Antratsit have been the first to introduce the simulation into their planning system.

Coal, Mining optimization, Production efficiency, Geological and mining simulation.

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UDC 551.24:622.33.012 A.V. Mavrenkov, 2012

Anatoly V. Mavrenkov
Honored Geologist of the RF

Main Elements of Technogenesis and Possibility of Computer Programming of Boundaries of Locally Active Geodynamics per Coal Mines and Open-pit Mines

This article represents the final result of the real geological space survey. The article sets forth the geological forecast methods and modern possibilities for its implementation. Technogenesis elements are specified per region and scaled as a mine field on the basis of the real geological space survey.

Technogenesis, geological forecast, locally active geodynamics, massif computer program.

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UDC 622.33.012.2Kozhym(470.13) A.A. Iyevlev, 2012

Aleksei A. Iyevlev
Manager of Geological Museum named after A.A. Chernov
Of Geology Institute of Komi
Scientific Center of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Candidate of Geological and Mineral Sciences

Kozhym Mine of Pechorsk Coal Field

It describes the history of discovery, survey and development of Kozhym Coal Field in Intinsk district of Komi Republic. The industrial development began in the years of the Great Patriotic War and continued till 1961. Around 2 mln tons of coal were produced to supply the needs of the North Railway and local companies.

Pechorsk coal field, Kozhym mine, Coal production.

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