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Session of the Government of the Russian Federation On the Long-term Program
of Development of the Coal Industry of Russia for the Period till 2030

On April 3, 2014, the session of the Government of the Russian Federation, during which the Long-term program of development of the coal industry of Russia for the period till 2030 was considered, took place in Moscow. Resulted are the stenogram of an opening address of the Head of Russian government D.A. Medvedev, the report of Minister of Energy of Russia A.V. Novak, the stenogram of statements of General Director of OJSC "SUEK" V.V. Rashevsky, President of the Russian Academy of Science V.E.Fortov, resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Coal industry, Prospects of development, Problems of fuel and energy complex, Safety, Coal market, Coal delivery and export, Coal transport.

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UDC 622.33(571.17) A.A. Gammershmidt, 2014

Andrey A. Gammershmidt
Deputy of the Kemerovo Region Governor on Coal Industry and Energy

Kuzbasss Coal Industry Development State and Outlook

The article sets forth the state and outlook of Kuzbasss coal industry as well as its performance in 2013 and plans for 2014.

Coal industry, Kuzbass, Coal companies, Achievements.

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UDC 621.86.065.4:622.33.016.6 R. Beneke, A. Atton, 2014

Reiner Beneke
Director General of JDT J.D. Teile GmbH & . KG (Schwerte, Germany),
Doctor Engineer

Alexandra Atton
Head of Quality and Technology Department, Doctor Engineer
JDT J.D. Teile GmbH & . KG (Schwerte, Germany)

JDT F-class Chains for a Long Face Equipment

The article provides the main benefits of a F-class chain intended to be used in a scraper conveyor. JDT a chain manufacturer has successfully implemented new functionalities which allow to improve the chain strength, reliability and service life.

F-class chain, Mine equipment chain, Scraper conveyor, Long face, Chain steel, Connecting links.

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UDC 622.8:621.315.687.1 K.. Yurov, 2014

Konstantin . Yurov
Senior Engineer, CJSC 3M Rossia

Surgical Repair of a Flexible Cable in the Coal Long Face

The article examines the major aspect of application of 3 materials - repair of a flexible cable in the coal long face.

Long face, Cutter-loader, Flexible cable, Repair, 3 connections.

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UDC 621.867.2:622.647.21.052(083.74) V.. Zhukov, 2014

Vladimir . Zhukov
Technical Director, LLC Sib., Candidate of Engineering

Issues of Safe Operation of Belt Conveyor Transport

The paper examines the current problems of safe operation of conveyor belts in the coal industry. It points out the negative influence of the tender system of conveyor belt purchasing in conditions of out-of-date standards and techniques of belt and joint testing. It proposes the measures for getting out of the current situation in the industry.

Belt conveyor, Conveyor belt, Mechanical connectors of conveyor belts, International standards, Tests for durability of conveyor belts and mechanical joints.

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UDC 621.355:622.33 Ph.. Zamyshlyayev, 2014

Philip . Zamyshlyayev
Technical Directo, CJSC Akku-Vertrieb

Guaranteed Power Supply for Responsible Consumers.
Accumulators for All of Life's Emergencies

CJSC "kku-Vertrieb" is the strategic partner of EXIDE Technologies Group, the world leader in manufacture of batteries and lead processing. The paper contains the information on the company, lines of its activities, maintenance department and its services.

Industrial batteries, Lead-acid batteries, Explosionproof batteries, Starter batteries.

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UDC 622.3.012.7Corum Rus Yu.N. Levankov, 2014

Yury N. Levankov
Director, Corum Rus Trading Company

Im Persuaded That We Will Get Out of the Crisis Being More Efficient

Despite of continuous impact of coal cost and metallurgy production ramp-down, the largest black gold manufacturers and the companies delivering coal mining machinery draw together once again in order to solve the current problems of the industry. Before the 12th International of Mining Technologies Trade Show Coal of Russia and Mining 2014, the Ugol magazine staff representatives met Director of Corum Rus trading company Yury Levankov who has agreed to answer some questions of the edition. The paper contains the interview, which refers to Corum Rus.

Corum Rus, Mining equipment, Spare parts, Service, Repair, Market.

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UDC 621.867.21:678.4.066 T. Neumann, 2014

Thomas Neumann
Graduate Engineer, ContiTech Transportbandsysteme GmbH (Germany)

Modern Transport Technologies from Continental for Mining Industry

Year after year, the transport technologies become more and more important for success and cost competitiveness of a mining company. With increase in depth of mining operations at mines and open-pits, the mining and geological conditions worsen. These factors require new technological solutions. Application of the technology of continuous transport enables to reduce operating costs and maintenance expenses and to support required performance or even to improve it. ContiTech Transportbandsysteme GmbH specializes in manufacture of belt conveyors of Continental Group. Modern technologies are developed both from scratch and based already existing industrial technologies, for example, for mass transfer in the ports and cement industry. Thus, such technological solutions are adapted to the mining industry conditions for coal and ore mining. The article results three such solutions.

Vertically carrying mine conveyor for mines, Tube conveyor belt, Drop-shaped conveyor belt made of flexible rubber, Mining industry.

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UDC 622.33.012.2Yuzhnaya N.M. Sannikova, 2014

Natalya Sannikova
Leading Specialist in SSO OJSC HK SDS-Ugol

Yuzhnaya Mine Celebrates its First Anniversary

The paper refers to becoming and operation of the modern Kuzbass mine Yuzhnaya, leaders and deserved workers of the facility, unique treatment plants, process efficiency and miners labour safety, it results the mines growth prospects.

Mine, Coal mining, Experience, Mining equipment, Growth prospects.

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UDC 061.62:622.33(571.17) V.I. Efimov, R.V. Sidorov, T.V. Korchagina, 2014

Viktor I. Efimov
Doctor of Engineering, Professor of MGGU

Roman V. Sidorov
Director, LLC Prokopgiprougol

Tatyana V. Korchagina
Deputy Director for Designing LLC Prokopgiprougol, Candidate of Engineering

LLC "Prokopgiprougol": towards new horizons!

The paper contains the information on the Mining Engineering Institute of Siberia (MEIS) founded as a result of LLC "Prokopgiprougol" rebranding, on its functions and opportunities, intellectual and technical equipment, tasks being solved and services offered.

Range of works on project documentation development, LLC "Prokopgiprougol", rebranding procedure, LLC Mining Engineering Institute of Siberia, Automation of design works, Certification in the Field of the Quality Management System (GOST ISO 9001-2011 (9001:2008)).

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UDC 622.33(571.56) A.G. Chorny, 2014

Alexander G. Chorny
Leading Mining Engineer, Branch of OJSC HC "Yakutugol", Open-pit mine Neryungrinsky

35 Years Are Not Yet the Age. Millions Tons Are the Result

In March 2014, two business subdivisions of OJSC HC "Yakutugol", the open-pit mine "Neryungrinsky" and the Loading-Transport Department, celebrated their anniversaries. The article specifies the basic results of activities of the businesses for a period of 35 years.

Open-pit mine "Neryungrinsky", Coal mining, Overburden operations, Mining and transport machinery, Loading-Transport Department.

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UDC 65.011.4:622.271:621.879:622.235 V.B. Artemiev, V.N. Kuletsky, A.B. Isaychenkov, 2014

Vladimir B. Artemiev
Deputy Director General Director for Production Operations
of OJSC SUEK, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Valery N. Kuletsky
CEO of Open-pit Mine "Tugnuysky"

Alexander B. Isaychenkov
Chief of Department for Technical Support and Open-cut Technology, OJSC SUEK

Study of Factors Influencing Performance of Bucyrus 495HD Excavator
in Conditions of Open-pit Mine "Tugnuysky"

The paper examines the basic results of operation of Bucyrus 495HD excavator (with 41,3 cubic meters grab) at the open-pit mine "Tugnuysky" and principles of optimization of the used technology.

Bucyrus 495HD excavator, Open-pit mine "Tugnuysky", Performance, Lumpiness of blasted rock.

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UDC 658.387:658.155:622.33:622.8 Yu.G. Andreev, A.S. Manuilnikov, V.V. Mashtaller, S.N. Radionov, S.V. Skotnikov, I.L. Kharitonov, 2014

Yury G. Andreev
Chief Engineer, Open-pit Mine Vostochno-Beysky

Alexander S. Manuilnikov
Chief Engineer, Open-pit Mine Beryozovsky

Vladimir V. Mashtaller
Deputy Production Manager,
Branch of OJSC SUEK-Krasnoyarsk Open-pit Mine Borodinsky named after .I. Shchadov

Sergey N. Radionov
Chief Engineer, Open-pit Mine Chernogorsky of LLC SUEK-Khakassia

Sergey V. Skotnikov
Chief Engineer, Mine Khakasskaya of LLC SUEK- Khakassia

Igor L. Kharitonov
Chief Engineer, Mine Polysaevskaya of OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass

On Functionality of Chief Engineer

The article lays down the representation of functionality of Chief Engineer of a coal-mining facility, the implementation of which allows to improve the level of production efficiency and safety.

Functionality, Chief Engineer, Planning, Organization, Motivation, Production efficiency and safety.

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UDC 658.387-052.22:658.33.012.3 V.N. Kuletsky, T.I. Fedorkevich, A.S. Dovzhenok, S.I. Zakharov, 2014

Valery N. Kuletsky
CEO of Open-pit Mine "Tugnuysky"

Tatyana I. Fedorkevich
CEO for Finance and Economics of Open-pit Mine "Tugnuysky"

Alexander S. Dovzhenok
Leading Researcher, LLC NIIOGR, Doctor of Engineering

Svyatoslav I. Zakharov
Chief of Laboratory Labour Management and Payment LLC NIIOGR, Candidate of Economics

Approach to Estimation of Leaderships Activities at a Coal Strip Mine

The article describes the approach to estimation of the results of leaderships work at a coal strip mine, the application of which permits to improve the structure and contents of their activities.

Leader, Leaders activities, Estimation of efficiency of administrative work, Labour content, Coal strip mine.

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UDC 622.8:622.33.012.2 V.V. Lysovsky, 2014

Vladimir V. Lysovsky
Chief of Department for Production control and Industrial Safety, Labour and Environment Protection,

Approach to Formation of Techniques of Operative Management of
Injury Risks at Coal Mines

The paper specifies the idea of management of workers injury risks at coal mines using detection and elimination of hazardous production situations. This idea is accepted as a basis of the formed techniques of management of injury risks within the framework of work of the labour and industrial safety control system.

Security breach, Hazardous production situation, Injury risk, Risk management, Coal mine.

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UDC 622.411.33.004.8:622.817 Yu.V. Chekmenyov, A.N. Fursa, A.Y. Chekmenyov, 2014

Yury V. Chekmenyov
Deputy Director General for Prospect Development, LLC NPP Zavod MDU

Andrey N. Fursa
Technical Director, LLC NPP Zavod MDU

Alexander Y. Chekmenyov
Chief of Department for Development, Implementation and Use of Equipment

Coalmine Methane Use

The article examines necessity and methods of mine methane disposal. It analyzes the working conditions of a modular gas-drainage. It makes calculation of caloric power of the firedamp pumped out by a gas-drainage.

Mine methane disposal, Draining-out of gases, Modular gas-drainages, Cogeneration plants.

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UDC 622.765.061 I.K. Gaynullin, 2014

Ildar K. Gaynullin
General Director, LLC Mineral

Integrated Approach to Process Management at Coal Industry Facilities

The paper analyzes the ways of optimization of coal companies costs in the period of adverse economic conditions. It results the unique integrated approach of GK "Mirriko" for optimization of customers processes, which is based on management of integrity of nonoperating processes. It describes the advantages and benefits for coal companies when passing to services of outsourcing of dosing and outsourcing of management of integrity of nonoperating processes.

Economic crisis, Cost optimization, Process optimization, Flocculants, UnicolTM flotation agents, Automated chemical dosing system, Water management audit, Dosing service, Outsourcing of dosing, Management of integrity of nonoperating business assets.

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UDC 622.767/.771 I.V. Alushkin, V.B. Shchipchin, I.G. Korneev, 2014

Igor V. Alushkin
CJSC TraneTeknikk

Valery B. Shchipchin
CJSC TraneTeknikk

Ivan G. Korneev
CJSC TraneTeknikk

TOMRA Sorting X-ray radiometric Separation for Preliminary Coal Preparation

The article describes the promptly developing radiometric methods of preparation. They allow to achieve satisfactory technological and economic parameters with regard to various types of mineral raw material. Application of TOMRA Sorting XRT separation allows to improve the economic efficiency of manufacture of coal products.

Radiometric methods of radiometric method ore benefication, Photometric method, X-ray fluorescence method, X-ray absorbing method, Separation.

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UDC 622.78 V. Garber, V. Kozlov, K. Kirillov, 2014

Vladimir Garber
Head of Engineering Office of Fuel Drying and Combustion,
Doctor-Engineer of Buro Feuerungstechnologien, Dusseldorf, Germany

Vadim Kozlov
Chief Technologist, Coal Department of Coralina Engineering

Kirill Kirillov
Project Manager, Coal Department of Coralina Engineering

Conditions of Safe Operation of Coal Thermal Drying Units

The article results the comparative information on the devices used today in Russia and abroad for thermal drying of the fine classes coal. The first part of the article specifies the reasons of coal inflammation during drying, and it examines also the drying drum and drying in a vibratory boiling layer. The second part refers to microwave radiating units, tube dryer, steam dryer etc.
Alongside with technical and technological features, the authors analyze the economic component of application of the specified units.

Thermal drying of coal, Drying drum, Drying in a boiling layer, Tube dryer, Coal moisture.

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