УГОЛЬ № 7-2009



UDC 622.273.24:622.232.75

Kariman Stanislav Aleksandrovich
Research-and-production enterprise "Coal", doctor tech. sciences, professor

Complex-mechanized high-efficiency technology of a coal mining large blocks 

The technology in a complex-mechanized coal mining by large blocks with use planes and hydrocutting dredging of coal is presented. It is shown, that the given technology allows to fulfill a thin layer of coal with loading up to 6 thousand tones in day. Efficiency of the given technology is marked especially at working off methane layers as it provides both safe, and ecologically pure manufacture underground mining, promotes decrease in expenses for decontamination and increase of efficiency of recycling of methane.
Keywords: mine extraction, a lava, blocks of the coal, the hydrocutting miner machine, escalators, recycling of methane.

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UDC 622.831.22

Dudukalov Valentine Pavlovich

Mechanisms of influence of greater speeds periodic movements of lavas on displays of basic pressure

Article finishes researches on the chosen theme, begun in the previous publication. Researches have appeared complex enough, containing a number before unknown laws, processes, their simplifications and schemes. Therefore acquaintance with the received results is desirable for spending to sequences of the publication of these clauses, combining with studying intermediate results of researches of the author, according to постатейного the list of the literature. Otherwise efforts understand a material can to be doomed to a failure that is inadmissible as basically the received results are important for increase of safety of conducting clearing works by lavas on coal layers
Keywords: speed works lavas, basic pressure, processes of deformation, size of rapproachement of a roof-ground

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UDC 622.233:622.235:622.33.012.3 «Черниговец»

Kutuzov Boris Nikolaevich
Professor, doctor tech. sciences (MGGU)

Beljaev Alexander Grigorevich
General director of LLC "Azot-Chernigovets"

Stepsons Victor Ivanovich
Chief engineer of LLC "Azot-Chernigovets "

Strategic stages of perfection chisel and explosive works on a cut of JSC "Chernigovets”

Questions of perfection explosive works on a cut of JSC "Chernigovets", due to replacement explosive, on granulated full mechanization and translation of preparation of mining weight to dredging CCL “Azot-Chernigovets” are considered.
Keywords: explosive, productivity, explosive works, mechanization.

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UDC 621.879.48:534.282

Chudnovsky Vladimir Judovich
Doctor tech. sciences, professor

Process of cutting as the factor of suppression of the dynamic phenomena in career dredges

Scientifically proved requirements to key parameters and a design of elements of the cutting equipment which realization leads to sharp decrease in power consumption of cutting and effective suppression of the oscillatory phenomena in working process are established.
Keywords: career dredge, the force of cutting/

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UDC 622.7:658.512

Novak Vadim Igorevich
Director of coal department CETCO

Kozlov Vadim Anatoljevich
Engineer-technologist of company CETCO, cand. tech. science

СЕТСО - 15 years in preparation of coal

The history of company CETCO working in Russia of 15 years is presented. The projects developed and introduced by company CETCO preparation factories are described.
Keywords: enrichment of coal, processing of coal, concentrating factory.

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UDC 338.911:331.012:622.8:658.155:622.33.012”SUEK”

Artemyev Vladimir Borisovich
Assistant to the general director of OJSC "SUEK" - director on industrial operations, doctor tech. sciences

Galkin Vladimir Alekseevich
General director of OJSC "Scientific and technological centre - NIIOGR", doctor tech. sciences, professor

Organizational aspect of a safety of coal output

(From performances at research-and-production conference «SUEK - a condition of industrial safety, a labour safety and preservation of the environment. Results of 2008. Problems for 2009», Leninsk-Kuznetsk, on April, 7-9th, 2009)
In article the role and influence of organizational aspect are considered at a safety of coal output. The comparative parameters describing a level of safety of manufacture of OJSC "SUEK", and also results of research of the existing attitude of representatives of various levels of management of the coal-mining enterprise are resulted in the factors causing industrial dangers. The structure of time of a labour shift under the rules and actual on an example of a spadework is analysed. Means of involving of the personnel of all levels of management in process of increase of efficiency and safety of manufacture is offered.
Keywords: organizational aspect, safety of coal output, process of increase of safety and a production efficiency, dangerous industrial situations, timing a cycle, the uniform approach to a safety, the coordinated interaction of the personnel, model of productions.

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UDC 622.33 (470)"313"

Plakitkin Jury Anatolevich
Deputy director of Institute of power researches of the Russian Academy of Science, the valid state adviser of the Russian Federation of III class, doctor econ. sciences, professor, the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Plakitkina Lyudmila Semenovna
Manager. Laboratory of Institute of power researches of the Russian Academy of Science, cand. tech. science.

The coal-mining industry of Russia in conditions of global financial crisis - measures on development of innovations and the private-state partnership in branch

Results of researches of authors on realization of innovations and the private-state partnership in branch in conditions of global financial crisis are resulted. The system of measures of the legal and economic character is formulated, allowing to carry out transition to a new work cycle in the coal industry.
Keywords: world financial crisis, steps of technological growth, dynamics of patent applications, innovations, measures of realization of innovations, the world prices of oil, coal branch.

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First "swallow" (career dredge) in weight of 750 tons

The first pre-production model of a dredge of the electrocardiogram-1500Р, made under the order of OJSC "UK "Kuzbassrazrezugol” enterprise "IZ-KARTEKS" entering into Group OMZ, has successfully passed acceptance tests on Taldinskij a coal cut.
Keywords: a dredge, a coal cut, capacity of a ladle.

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Glinina Olga Ivanovna
Leading editor of “Ugol” magazine, engineer

On results of work of 13-th International specialized exhibition on mining, extraction and enrichment of ores and minerals «MININGWORLD RUSSIA-2009»

The international specialized exhibition took place in April, 2009 in territory MVC “Crocus Expo” in Moscow “MiningWorld” mining equipment extraction and enrichment of ores and minerals which in thirteenth time has collected experts of the leading domestic and foreign companies. The review of participants and exhibits of the given exhibition - the newest samples of the equipment, modern technologies, last achievements and design development is presented.
Keywords: mining technics, the international exhibition, mining technologies, scientific development.

Contact - e-mail: ugol1925@mail.ru

UDC 621.89:622.3.002.5

Labunsky Alexey Valerevich

Mini-installation will prepare emulsions and suspensions

The information that the Russian experts create compact and high-efficiency mini-installation UPS for preparation emulsions and suspensions of various purpose is presented. The diversified on structure and properties liquid disperse environments - emulsions and suspensions are widely used in the industry, in construction and on transport, in mechanical engineering and petrochemical manufacture, in medicine, pharmaceutical, food manufacture. They are used also at carrying out of the most various explosive works - in the mining industry, at construction of tunnels, channels, roads, at deducing from operation of the served building designs, in manufacture of building materials.
Keywords: emulsion, suspension, the disperse environment, the mining industry, installation on manufacture emulsions.

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UDC 338.45:622.33(571.17)

Serpuhovitina Natalia Viktorovna
Economist-manager, faculty of Economy and planning of mining MGGU

Jankevich Konstantin Arturovich
Doctor faculties of Economy and planning of mining MGGU

Conditions of steady functioning of the coal-mining enterprises of Kuzbass at postcrisis restoration

In clause the method of the limiting analysis considering sizes of the limiting income and limiting expenses necessary for definition of size of profit, sufficient for steady functioning manufacture in the developed economic conditions is presented.
Keywords: profit, the cost price of production, a production efficiency, anti-recessionary measures.

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UDC 622.817.47:622.411.3.004.82

Budnik Andrey Vasilevich
Chief engineer NIIOMSHS, corresponding member of Academies of construction of Ukraine

Levchinsky Grigory Semenovich
General director MVPJSC «POISK, A.S.», cand. tech. science

Decontamination of mines and recycling of mine methane. What is, and how much they are compatible on operating mines?

The analysis of the equipment used on mines dangerous on gas for decontamination of mines and recycling of mine methane is lead. Offers on separate extraction of methane for recycling on operating mines are resulted.
Keywords: decontamination, the water-ring vacuum pump, recycling of mine methane.

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UDC 541.183:622.33+622.693

Makarov Anatoly Semenovich
Institute chemistry and chemistry of water it. A.V. Dumanskogo NANUkraine, doctor teh. sciences

Savitsky Denis Pavlovich
Institute chemistry and chemistry of water it. A.V. Dumanskogo NANUkraine

Water-coal fuel on the basis of waste of enrichment of coal coke and chemical enterprises

Aspects and opportunities of use of waste preparation in the form of water-coal fuel are considered and analysed. Influence of chemical additives, updatings of a surface and processes mechanical activation on properties of water-coal fuel is studied. Electrokinetic, structurally-mechanical parameters, and also thermal effects of water-coal suspensions of various structure are certain granules. The opportunity of reception of water-coal fuel on the basis of waste preparation coke and chemical the enterprises with necessary chemical and comprehensible warmly technical properties is proved.
Keywords: water-coal fuel, water-coal suspensions, coke and chemical the enterprises, processing

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UDC 622.85:622.271

Zenkov Igor Vladimirovich
FGOU VPO “Siberian federal university”, cand. tech. science

Bases of modelling of a technical stage rekultivatsija the grounds of agricultural purpose

In clause the new approach to creation of information base in modelling and a substantiation of decision-making on carrying out of a technical stage rekultivatsija the grounds of agricultural purpose in conditions of a coal mining is presented by the open way. The new concept is based on modern representations about fertility of the grounds of agricultural purpose.
Keywords: open coal output, rekultivatsija, modelling, a technical stage, grounds of agricultural purpose.

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UDC 628.52:658.8.012.12:622.33

Butovsky Michael Efroimovich
Rubcovsky industrial institute

Air emissions of the enterprise of Company “Gortopsbyt”" on realization of coal

In article one of actual and modern problems - preservation of the environment is considered. It is a question of protection of air pool against activity sale of fuel the enterprises, in particular, firm fuel (coal). Modern technologies and the equipment, necessary for clearing of a dust and gas emissions in an atmosphere are resulted.
Keywords: ecology, maximum-permissible emissions, clearing of air.

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UDC 658.562.64:622.33:622.795.4

Bortnevsky Artem Vladimirovich
Chief of Analytical management of OJSC "SUEK"

Kazakov Sergey Aleksandrovich
Chief of a department of Methodology of operational improvements of OJSC "SUEK", cand. tech. science

Model as the tool of quality management of fuel

In article the imitating model of processes the coal, intended for an estimation of quality of various variants is presented at the set parameters of coal acting on a warehouse. The methodology and the purposes of application of this model is described.
Keywords: model, caloric content of coal, imitating modelling.

Contact - e-mail: KazakovSA@suek.ru

UDC 665.7.032.56

Zherebtsov Sergey Igorevich
Candidate chem. sciences (Institute of coal and coal chemicalthe Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science)

Ekstraktsiones technologies and products of processing of brown and sub-standard coals

Opportunities of creation highly profitable complex ekstraktsiones technologies of processing of brown and low-grade coals with reception wide of some products on the basis of pitches, substances and a residual organic material in a uniform consecutive technological line are considered.
Keywords: brown coal, ekstraktsiones substances, quality of coal, the scheme ekstraktsiones, wax.

Contact - e-mail: n.lesovaya@kemsc.ru


UDC 55:622.411.33:622.33.012.2 © A.V.Mavrenkov, 2009

Mavrenkov Anatoly Vladimirovich
The deserved geologist of the Russian Federation, Mezhdurechensk

Studying of real geological space, the decision of the basic problems on safety from explosion of methane on collieries

In the given work theoretical hypotheses were not applied, all material completely corresponds to results of actual volume before the executed prospecting works and is added by generalization of field supervision of geological space on exposures in the operational open mining developments located in Mrassky and Tom'-Usinsk geology and industrial regions of Kuzbass.
Keywords: geological space, breeds, dynamics of a hills, methane.

Contact - e-mail: ugol1925@mail.ru