УГОЛЬ № 8-2009


UDC 622.33.012«SUEK»

Artemyev Vladimir Borisovich
Assistant to the general director, director on industrial operations of OJSC "SUEK"

«We work stably»

The assistant to the general director of the company, director tells about the basic results of work of the enterprises of OJSC “Siberian coal power company” in the first half-year and plans for all 2009 on industrial operations Vladimir Artemyev.
Keywords: the coal company, a coal mining, efficiency

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UDC 622.33(571.17).001.86

Loginov Alexander Kimovich
General director of OJSC "SUEK-Kuzbass"

«The main thing - to not recede before difficulties»

The first half-year of the enterprise of OJSC "SUEK-Kuzbass" have finished on the major note: in June the record of monthly extraction - 3 million 181,7 thousand tonne coal is established. The general director of Company "SUEK-Kuzbass" Alexander Loginov tells about a course of realization of investment programs, modernization of the company and its innovative projects.
Keywords: the coal company, a coal mining, efficiency

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UDC 622.332(571.51)

Fedorov Andrey Vitalevich
General director of OJSC "SUEK-Krasnoyarsk "

«Are ready to the further growth»

The last year, record on volumes of extraction for "SUEK-Krasnoyarsk", once again has proved a high demand of coal in the fuel market, therefore the enterprises of the company as strategic, providing the whole regions, should be ready to growth of coal output. More in detail about with what results and plans the company approaches to Day of the miner, the general director of OJSC "SUEK-Krasnoyarsk" Andrey Fedorov tells.
Keywords: the coal company, a coal mining, efficiency

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UDC 622.332(571.513)

Kilin Alexey Bogdanovich
Operating Chernogorskij branch of OJSC "SUEK "

Record - the best answer to crisis

The general director of OJSC "SUEK-Khakassia" who is operating Chernogorskim branch of Company "SUEK" Alexey Kilin tells about priorities of development of enterprises SUEK in Republic Khakassia.
Keywords: the coal company, a coal mining, efficiency

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UDC 622.332(571.63)

Zankov Alexander Petrovich
General director of OJSC "Primorskugol"

«I wish continuous movement only forward»

Enterprises SUEK in Primorye Territory work in uneasy mountain-geological conditions. The General director of OJSC "Primorskugol" Alexander Zankov tells about results of the technical modernization, new records and problems on the future operating the Vladivostok branch of Company "SUEK".
Keywords: the coal company, a coal mining, efficiency.

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UDC 622.33(571.62)

Dobrovolsky Alexander Ivanovich
General director of OJSC "Urgalugol" operating the Khabarovsk branch of OJSC "SUEK"

At Urgal - a new life

Open Society "Urgalugol" opens new page in the history, devoted to records, increase in extraction and growth of productivity. How it was possible to leave on such high level, the general director of OJSC "Urgalugol" operating the Khabarovsk branch of Company "SUEK" Alexander Dobrovolsky tells.
Keywords: the coal company, a coal mining, efficiency

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UDC 622.232.75:622.232.72

Shtefan Baukman
Manager on marketing, a department of long lavas of company Bucyrus

Sobolev Victor Vasilevich
Director of Representation Bucyrus DBT Europe GmbH, the doctor techn. sciences

Plane installation or a combine miner?

Given clause considers comparative advantages planes installations and clearing combines at working off of coal layers by long clearing faces. Clause is a summary of technical documentation «Working off by long lavas of coal layers of average capacity. Comparison of efficiency струговой and combine dredging in comparable conditions of operation» (authors Dr. Michael Myshkovsky and Dr. Uli Pashedag, company Bucyrus).
Keywords: plane installation, a lavas, a miner combine, efficiency.

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UDC 622.831.3

Starikov Alexander Petrovich
Chairman of Board of directors MPO "Kuzbass"

Piljugin Vitaly Ivanovich
Deputy director on manufacture of OJSC "Mine “Komsomolets of Donbass”

Designing of mining in view of geology

In clause ways of forecasting of geomechanical conditions of development of coal layers in view of  distributions of tectonic features of influence of the form layers and containing breeds on geomechanical displays in mining developments are considered. Original methods of forecasting of the locations of abnormal zones of a natural origin and ways of decrease in their negative influence are offered by manufacture of mining.
Keywords: a coal layer, abnormal zones, mining, geomechanical processes, methods of forecasting and ways of decrease in their negative influence/

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Glinina Olga Ivanovna
Leading editor of “Ugol” magazine "

On results of work of XVI international specialized exhibition “Ugol of Russia and Mining – 2009”

From June, 2 till June, 5th, 2009 in a Novokuznetsk there passed XVI International specialized exhibition “Ugol of Russia and Mining – 2009” which is an exhibition №1 in the world on technologies of a underground coal mining. The high level of a coal forum proves to be true Signs on the largest exhibition communities: UFI - the World association of the exhibition industry and RSVY - the Russian union of exhibitions and fairs. With 2003 the exhibition passes under home nursing of Commercial and industrial chamber of the Russian Federation. The review of firms - participants of an exhibition “Ugol of Russia and Mining – 2009” and exhibits - the equipment presented at an exhibition is presented.
Keywords: the mining equipment, mining firms, an exhibition.

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UDC 622.647.2:622.26

Kalashnikov Sergey Anatolevich
Assistant to the main designer of OJSC “Kopeyskija machine-building factory”

Malkin Oleg Aleksandrovich
Chief of a department combines and complexes OJSC “Kopeyskija machine-building factory”

Murashov Vadim Vladimirovich
Chief of a bureau tunnel complexes of OJSC “Kopeyskija machine-building factory”

Advantages of a design tape bridge loader PLM800M1 at use in structure of drifter miner a complex

In clause advantages of a design tape bridge loader PLM800M1 made of Kopeyskij a machine-building factory under the order of holding company "SDS-Ugol" are considered.
Keywords: miner a complex, loader, progressive technologies mining works/

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UDC 331.86:658.3:622.33.012 "SDS-Ugol"

Baskakov Vladimir Petrovich
General director of OJSC HK "SDS-Ugol"

Tcherepanov Inga Gennadevna
Chief of Department of sectoral management of the personnel of OJSC HK "SDS-Ugol"

Holding Company “SDS-Ugol”: personnel strategy

Questions of personnel selection in the holding company “SDS-Ugol” are considered, the complex program developed in the company "Staff" and efficiency of its application is in detail presented. Results of monitoring on a regular basis spent to the companies and the analysis of a personnel situation are presented.
Keywords: personnel selection, safety, a traumatism, disease, improvement of professional skill, economic efficiency.

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UDC 331.87:338.94:658.155:622.33.012

Korkin Tatyana Aleksandrovna
Senior scientific employee of OJSC "Scientific and technological centre-NIIOGR", cand. econ. sciences

Management of investments into the personnel of the coal-mining enterprise:
the purposes and means

In clause methods and ways of management are described by investments into the personnel, allowing to provide increase of efficiency and productivity of system of work with the personnel.
Keywords: investments, the personnel, the coal-mining enterprise, management.

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Linyov Boris Ivanovich
General director IOTT, doctor techn. sciences

Panfilov Paul Feodosevich
Senior scientific employee IOTT, cand. techn. science

Davidov Michael Vladimirovich
Scientific secretary IOTT, cand. techn. science

Preparation to XVI International Coal Preparation Congress (ICPC-2010)

Coal Preparation Society of America, National and International organizing committees invite to take part in XVI International congress on enrichment of coal on April, 25-29th, 2010, Lexington, Kentucky, the USA.
Keywords: enrichment of coal, the international congress.

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