UDC 622.274.034 V.I. Klyshin, A.V. Nikolaev, A.P. Yegorov, V.N. Fryanov, 2011

Vladimir I. Klyshin
Acting Director of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Aleksei V. Nikolaev
Chief Expert of Design & Engineering Support Office of JSC OUK Yuzhkuzbassugol

Aleksei P. Yegorov
Head of Rock Pressure Laboratory of Siberian Branch JSC VNIMI

Victor N. Fryanov
Head of Bedded Deposit Development Department of GBOU VPO SibGIU

Advanced Technical Solutions to Developing High Coal Beds with Output

The proposed powered supports for the extraction of high flat-lying coal seams with controlled coal output onto the face and goaf conveyors provide new opportunities for technologies of underground development of high coal seams. These solutions ensure lower losses, reduced fire hazards, fewer development galleries, lower breaking face equipment costs as well as lower coal production costs.

High seam, Powered support, Coal output technologies, Safety, Efficiency.

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UDC 622.232.05 B.B. Lugantsev, A.N. Averkin, 2011


Boris B. Lugantsev

Director General of JSC ShakhtNIUI,

Alexander N. Averkin

Head of Research Development
of JSC ShakhtNIUI

Advanced Technologies and Machinery for Emission-hazardous Coal Seams with Difficult Mining and Geological Conditions

It shows that emission-hazardous coal seams featuring difficult mining and geological conditions can be efficiently developed using plowing and mining machines and technologies. It details general plowing and mining machine design and functional description. Long face load can reach over 3500 tpd.

Emission-hazardous coal seams, Difficult mining and geological conditions, Plowing and mining unit, Improved safety and efficiency, RF patent for a useful model.

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UDC 061.3:621.63:622.42 O.I. Glinina, 2011

Olga I. Glinina
Leading Editor of Ugol Magazine, Mining Engineer

New Opportunities for JSC AMZ VENTPROM

On September 22 to 23 2011 a theoretical and practical conference timed to the Machine Builder Day and 70-th anniversary of Artemovsk Engineering Plant focused on the new state-of-art fan products was held at the premises of JSC AMZ VENTPROM. The article gives Artemovsk Engineering Plants history and outlook and includes concise speeches of the speakers at the anniversary conference.

Ventilating installations, Artemovsk Engineering Plant, History, Achievements and advances.

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UDC 622.3.012.7KMZ N.V. Chaban, 2011

Natalya Chaban
Head of Public Relations Service of
JSC Kopeysk Engineering Plant

70 Years of Growth and Success

The article recounts 70-year history of Kopeysk Engineering Plant and deals with its advances, achievements, products and plans.

Mining machinery, Kopeysk Engineering Plant, Development machines.

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UDC 621.51:622.3.012.2 JSC ChKZ, 2011

CJSC Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant

Best Technical Solutions for Compressed Air

Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant manufactures a wide range of explosion-proof compressor units with capacities of 0.5 to 42 m3 per min. You are welcome to see the new design of the most popular compressor unit DEN-45ShM Shakhter" featuring higher capacity and most compact dimensions.

Key words
Explosion-proof compressor units, Compressor stations, Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant

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UDC 622.831.242:622.285 M. Reuter, Yu. Wexler, 2011

Martin Reuter
Director General
MARCO GmbH Systemanalyse und Entwicklung

Yulian A. Wexler
Geomechanics Project Manager of MARCO,
DoctorofScience, Professor

MARCOs Electrohydraulic Control System in Bounce-hazardous Long Faces

It states the capabilities of Marcos electrohydraulic control system for prevention of damage to the supports in case of bounces, forecast of dynamic performance of underground pressure and suggestions for artificial caving of rock cover.

Safety valves, Forecast, Bounce, Stress raiser, Main roof.

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UDC 622.33(470):658.155 I.G. Tarazanov, 2011

Igor G. Tarazanov
Eduty Chief Editor of Ugol Magazine,
Mining Engineer

Russian Coal Industry Performance for the Period of January to September 2011

It gives an analytic survey of Russias coal industry performance for the period of January to September 2011 based on statistical, technical & economic and production figures. The survey is supported with diagrams, tables and comprehensive statistical data.

Coal mining, Economy, Efficiency, Coal processing, Coal market, Supply, Coal exports and imports, Accident rate and occupational traumatism.

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UDC 338.5:622.33.012 L.V. Petrova, E.N. Petrova, 2011

Lyubov V. Petrova
Associate Professor of Economics Department
of Moscow Open State University Branch (Prokopyevsk),
Candidate of Economics

Yelizaveta N. Petrova
Senior Teacher of Economics Department
of Moscow Open State University Branch (Prokopyevsk)

Transfer Pricing as a Method of Regulating a Coal Companys Financial Streams

It deals with taxation issues which are topical for the global coal trade; factors that affect the transfer price levels and possible variants for a coal company profit management.

Taxation, Transfer price, Financial streams, Transfer pricing, Coal company.

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phone: +7 (903) 945-66-52

UDC 331.6.012:331.86:658.3 Yu.G. Grybin, G.A. Yefimova, V.N. Popov, A.A. Rozhkov,
G.A. Kuznetsova, 2011

Yuri G. Grybin
Doctor of Economics, Professor (JSC TzNIEIugol)

Galina A. Yefimova
Candidate of Economics (JSC TzNIEIugol)

Vladimir N. Popov
Doctor of Economics, Professor (JSC TzNIEIugol)

Anatoly A. Rozhkov
Doctor of Economics, Professor (INKRU)

Galina A. Kuznetsova
Candidate of Economics (Pacific Ocean State University)

Guidelines for Coal Industry Employee Qualification Characteristic (Professional Standard) Development

The article states the main directions for improving wage and skill characteristics for workers and qualification characteristics for managers, technicians and office workers in coal industry taking into account the current stage of its social and economic development.

Trade and profession formation, Compilation of rates, Qualification characteristics, Workers, Managers, Technicians, Office workers, Complexity of working conditions, Professional standards.

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phone: +7 (495) 777-18-71


UDC 658.3:622.33.012.3Vostochno-Beysky Razrez A.B. Kilin, V.P. Kavyshkin, 2011

Aleksei B. Kilin
Manager of Chernogorsk Branch of JSC SUEK

Vladimir P. Kavyshkin
Chair of Board of Directors of "Vostochno-Beysky Razrez Ltd

Vostochno-Beysky Razrez Results and Development Outlook

The article contains the analysis of the reorganization performed in Vostochno-Beysky Razrez" Ltd, summarizes the open-pit-mines personnel experience aimed at improving efficiency and job safety and gives the main results of the companys development as well as prospective directions to be implemented.

Production efficiency, Coal producer, Development strategy, Organizational and technological upgrading.

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e-mail:; e-mail:

UDC 658.155:622.33.012 Ugol Magazine, 2011


A.S. Kostarevs Defense: Intraproductive Innovative Cycles in a Coal Mining Production Association

On November 2 2011 A.S. Kostarev defended his thesis Planning of the Innovative Processes in a Coal Mining Production Association (score 19:0) made at JSC NTTs-NIIOGR under the guidance of N.V. Galkina in council D212.298.07 with South Urals State University (Chelyabinsk). At the same time a workshop with the seekers of academic degree of candidate of science, who were the employees of JSC SUEK, on the examination of their theses structure was held at JSC NTTs-NIIOGR. The article provides the information on the thesis defense procedure, states questions and replies regarding the thesis which reflect its main points and gives the conclusions of the council of experts.

Planning guidelines, Innovative process, Coal mining production association.

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UDC 66.067.1:621.928.94:533.27:621.31 A.M. Pavlenko, 2011

Aleksei M. Pavlenko
Head of Department for Industrial Gas Purification and Trapped Gas Transportation of R.V.S.

Industrial Gas Particulate Pollutant Filtration

All the power plants across Russia and CIS countries which use coal as their main fuel apply electric filters to filter particulate pollutant off the exhaust gases. Besides electric filters there is a number of the best available technologies that make it possible to obtain the purification values that comply with both European and Russian requirements both in terms of particulate pollutant emissions and sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions. The use of the best available technologies ensures improved environmental situation in the region, higher capitalization of a company, lower payments for hazardous substance emissions to the atmosphere and reduced financial risks.

Gas purification, Electric filter, Filtration, Industrial gases, Particulate pollutant, Best available technologies.

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phone:+7 (495) 797-96-92; e-mail:;


UDC 622.882(571.51) I.V. Zenkov, Ye.V. Kiryushina, 2011

Igor V. Zenkov
Doctor of Science,
Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of SO RAN,
Special Engineering and Design Office Science

Yelena V. Kiryushina
Senior Teacher
(Siberian Federal University)

Forecasting of the Mine Technical Resoiling at Kansk-Achinsk Coal Field Open-Pit Mines

The article sets forth the results of field work to survey soil & flora characteristics of local cultural landscapes created on the waste dumps of Borodinsky open-pit mine. It states the results of forecasting humus contents change in the soil layer being formed to resoil the dumps whereas mine technical resoiling work is combined with a daylighting package. Soil losses versus field development stages are shown graphically.

Open coal mining, Resoiling, Environmental & economic efficiency, Topsoil, Soil losses.

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