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Ugol’ No. 07-2024



MiningWorld Russia 2024: premieres, real equipment, records


Bulletin of operational information about the situation in the coal business


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SHUMKOV Sergej Ivanovich (to a 70-anniversary from birthday)



Academic Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Skochinsky (on the 150th anniversary of his birth)



Lokhov D.S. Efficiency of FLIP-FLOP screens in coal enrichment


Determination of solid load in coal slurry flow


Nevedrov A.V., Papin A.V., Cherkasova T.G.
Effect of the process temperature of coal tar atmospheric vacuum distillation on the quality of coal tar pitches


Komarova A.G., Chikisheva T.A., Turetskaya N.Yu.
Tailings for enrichment of coal mining wastes of the Krasnobrodskaya-Koksovaya Plant: mineralogical analysis and potentially value components


Prokopyev S.A., Alekseeva O.L., Savon D.Yu., Safronov A.E., Prokopyev E.S.
The use of waste-free technologies at Kuzbass coal processing plants


Nevedrov A.V., Cherkasova T.G., Papin A.V.
Factors affecting formation of the mesophase structure of coal tar pitches


Cherkasova T.G., Pilin M.O., Tikhomirova A.V., Belov R.A.
Effects of particle size distribution on the magnetic properties of coal preparation wastes of Berezovskaya Central Processing Plant



Petrov I.V., Merkulina I.A., Omarova G.
Impact of integrating education, research and business on the development of entrepreneurship in coal mining companies



Miroshnikov G.P., Samojlenko L.V.
Graphics software for crossing of geological disturbances by powered mining complexes


Khalkechev K.V., Levkin Yu.M., Abramkin N.I.
Development of a mathematical model of the stress field in the vicinity of a longitudinal shear main crack in the mine roof



Mustafin M.G., Valkova E.O.
Surveying and geomechanical justification for the methods of quarry sides deformations observation


Voronov Yu.E., Voronov A.Yu., Dubinkin D.M., Maksimova O.S.
Optimizing the performance indicators of an autonomous shovel-truck system at an open-pit coal mine



Krasyukova N., Voronova E., Muravleva T.V., Imamov M., Stepanov A.A.
Analysis of geological data of coal deposits using convolutional neural networks with automatic pooling



Loginov D.A., Islamov S.R., Stepanov S.G., Chernykh A.P., Evtushenko E.M.
Environmental safety of TERMOKOKS series technologies


Ivanov P.P., Pachkin S.G., Ivanova V.P., Semenov A.G., Mikhaylova E.S.
Automation of the pH control process in treatment of surface coal mine runoff water


Kiryushina E.V., Zenkov I.V., Trinh Le Hung, Dmitrieva M.L., Yuronen Yu.P., Vokin V.N., Cherepanov E.V., Raevich K.V., Latyntsev A.A., Pavlova P.L., Kuzina L.N., Lunev A.S., Shtresler K.A.
Environmental studies of disturbed lands after coal mine closur


Ostapova N.A., Markova E.V., Safronova O.S., Evseeva I.N., Morshnev E.A., Ivanov O.A.
Introduction of innovative technologies in solving land reclamation problems of coal mining industry in the Republic of Khakassia


Osintseva M.A., Dyukova E.A., Burova N.V., Osintsev A.M.
Influence of relief features and erosion processes on efficiency of biological reclamation of lands technologically changed by coal mining enterprises



Mongush A.D., Soyan Sh.Ch.
Express analysis of financial security of a coal mining company in Tyva



Vokin V.N., Zenkov I.V., Trinh Le Hung, Karacheva G.A., Yuronen Yu.P., Kiryushina E.V., Cherepanov E.V., Raevich K.V., Latyntsev A.A., Pavlova P.L., Kuzina L.N., Lunev A.S., Shtresler K.A.
Studies of technological indicators of surface mine operation i



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