UDC 622.33.012(571.17).001.86 N.M. Sannikova, 2013

Natalya M. Sannikova
Leading PR Expert of JSC HC SBU-Coal

JSC HC SBU-Coal - Never Look Back!

Despite uneasy for coal industry 2013, in conditions of continuing tendency of coal price and demand drop, SBU-Coal continued to implement the most important issues of improvement of production program efficiency. Promptly responding to market changes, it retained not only its leadership, but increased also coal production volume. In addition, the company continued to perform the not less significant aspects of the work: expanding the coal production volumes, opportune purchasing of up-to-date mining and transport equipment, ensuring labour safety and development of staff potential. The paper presents the results of SBU-Coal work in 2013 and plans for near-term prospect.

Coal production, Coal processing, JSC HC SBU-Coal, Commissioning of new facilities, Production upgrading, Innovations, Safety, Social issues, Environment, Plans for 2014.

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UDC 622.333(571.17).001.86 EVRAZ, 2014

EVRAZ Press Service

Yuzhkuzbassugol Company: Results of 2013

Yuzhkuzbassugol Company, being a part of EVRAZ coal division, is an up-to-date coal production corporation focused on extraction of crozzling coal grades. In 2014, Yuzhkuzbassugol will celebrate 45 years from its foundation. On the eve of its anniversary, the company sums up the results of 2013 and sets up long-term benchmarks of development.

Coal production, Yuzhkuzbassugol, Records, Production upgrading, Coal processing, Coal quality, Safety, Social issues, Prospects.

Contact information
phone: +7 (3843) 99-78-28

UDC 622.33.012(571.17) JSC Taltek, 2014

JSC Taltek Press Service

Taltek Group of Companies: Results of 2013

Taltek Group of Companies has been operating in the coal market since 1998. The company coal business is a complete cycle production, including coal extraction, processing and sales. Taltek GC comprises two mines (today, Open-pit Mines are arranged on their base), four Open-pit Mines and an auxiliary facility. The coal is extracted using open-cut mining method in the territory of Kemerovo region (Kiselyovsk and Prokohievsk districts). The paper presents the results of Taltek in 2013 and plans for near-term prospect.

Taltek Group of Companies, Coal production, Coal processing, Production upgrading, Coal processing, Safety, Social issues, Prospects.

Contact information
phone: +7 (3852) 38-66-01; e-mail:

UDC 622.33.012(470.61) LLC KINGCOAL, 2014

KINGCOAL Company Press Service

KINGCOAL Company - Unprecedented Updating of Mines in the Eastern
Donbass a Powerful Impetus for Iincreasing Solid Fuel Production Volumes
and Further Development of Coal Production Facilities

KINGCOALs competitive edge is a higher quality of power-generating and graded coals delivered both to Russian market and for export. To achieve this goal, in 2013 a thorough reequipment of production was carried out, new productive workings were prepared and coal benefication process was improved. In 2014 it is planned to increase solid fuel production volumes and continue the sustainable development.

KINGCOAL Company, Coal, Mine, Open-pit Mine, Export, Production.

Contact information
phone: +7 (86361) 3-40-61

UDC 622.33.012Russky Ugol B.. Uzhakhov, 2014

Bilan . Uzhakhov
General Director, OJSC Russky Ugol

Russky Ugol Company - Prospects of Further Development

The article describes the Russky Ugol Group of Companies and its member-facilities, results achieved and plans for near-term prospect.

Russky Ugol Company, Coal production, Reequipment, Coal processing, Quality of coal products, Efficiency, Safety, Social issues, Prospects.

Contact information
e-mail:; phone: +7 (495) 225-25-05

UDC 622.33.012(571.513) A.B. Kilin, 2014

Alexey B. Kilin
CEO, SUEK-Khakassia Company

SUEK in Khakassia Increased the Coal Mining Volume (interview)

The interview presents the results of SUEK in the Republic of Khakassia in 2013 and plans for 2014, achievements in the production improvement are outlined.

Coal production, Open-pit Mine, Mine, Investments, Efficiency, Safety.

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UDC 622.271:622.33.012.3(571.513) A.S. Kirshin, 2014

Alexander S. Kirshin
Deputy Chief Engineer for Prospect Development
LLC Vostochno-Beysky Open-pit Mine

Vostochno-Beysky Open-pit Mine: Results of Work in 2013

The paper presents the results of LLC Vostochno-Beysky Open-pit Mine work in 2013. It describes achievements of workers in implementation of production efficiency and safety programmes enabling to achieve higher figures. It describes the new high-performance equipment, the arrival of which to the facility enabled to improve production rate.

LLC Vostochno-Beysky Open-pit Mine, Coal production, Stripping, Production rate, Mining and Transport Equipment, Car preparation point, Achievements, Winners of Skill Competition, Reequipment.

Contact information
e-mail:; phone: +7 (961) 745-50-18

UDC 622.33.012.3Apsatsky.001.86 G.M. Tsinoshkin, A.G. Samoylenko, D.V. Dulin, 2014

Georgy M. Tsinoshkin
CEO, OJSC Kharanorsky Open-pit Mine

Aleksey G. Samoylenko
First Deputy CEO,
OJSC Kharanorsky Open-pit Mine

Dmitry V. Dulin
Chief Engineer of Apsatsky Open-pit Mine
(Section 4 of OJSC Kharanorsky Open-pit Mine)

Results of Apsatsky Open-pit Mine Work in 2013 and Aims for 2014

The paper presents the results of Apsatsky Open-pit Mine work in 2013. It describes the Apsatsk coal field, equipment used, implementation of investment projects. It covers the Open-pit Mine growth prospects for 2013

Apsatsky Open-pit Mine, Apsatsk coal field, Coal production, Results of work, Production rate, Investment programme, Prospects of development.

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UDC 622.33.012(571.63) A.P. Zankov, 2014

Alexander P. Zankov
CEO, OJSC Primorskugol

Primorye Will Not Do Without Local Coals (interview)

The interview presents the results of work of OJSC Primorskugol and its member-facilities Vostochnoye Mine Management and Novoshakhtinskoye Open-pit Mine Management in 2013. It points out production achievements and records. It presents plans of company facilities for near-term prospect.

Coal production, Mine Management, Open-pit Mine Management, Production rate, Mining engineering, Safety, Prospects.

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UDC 622.33(571.64) Ivan Andreev, 2014

Ivan Andreev

Vostochnaya Gornorudnaya Kompania - Focus on R

The paper presents the information on LLC Vostochnaya Gornorudnaya Kompania, results achieved in 2013, reequipment and implementation of new mining and transport engineering being under way, updating of sea port and near-term prospects.

LLC Vostochnaya Gornorudnaya Kompania, Coal production, Coal shipment, Reequipment, Investments, Sea port, Coal export.

Contact information
phone: +7 (495) 956-25-26; e-mail:


UDC 658.155:622.33(470):65.016.8 A.V. Moiseenkov, 2014

Andrey V. Moiseenkov
Director of FSBI GURSH, Candidate of Economics

FSBI GURSH Performance in 2013 and Near-term Plans

The article details the performance of FSBI GURSH regarding the implementation of liquidation of specially loss-making mines and open-pit mines, provides a general evaluation of Russias coal industry conversion results and states the figures which characterize the current work results as well as problematic situations at the conversion completion stage.

Coal industry, Conversion, Mining and ecological monitoring, Ecology, Social infrastructure.

Contact information
phone: +7 (495) 691-11-67


UDC 622.272:622. N.. Bykov, I.A. Salvasser, V.N. Shmat, A.O. Vessel, 2014

Nikolay . Bykov
Deputy Technical Director for Project Management, SUEK-Kuzbass Company

Ivan A. Salvasser
Director for Development, SUEK-Kuzbass Company

Vladimir N. Shmat
Director of PU (Production Unit) it/ 7 November, SUEK-Kuzbass Company

Artyom O. Vessel
Postgraduate, Institute of Coal, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science

System Analysis, Innovations and Developments of marco GmbH is
a Pledge of Successful Operation of Mechanized Complex in Complicated
Mining and Geological Conditions of Kuzbass Mines

The article examines the ways for adaptation of automatic roofing control system (ARCS) to mining and geological conditions of Kuzbass mines in terms of PU Komsomolets mine and it 7 November mine of SUEK-Kuzbass Company. Specially developed hydraulic valves, and optimal algorithms of roofing section operation cycle will be adaptation means.

Automation, Mechanized complex, Roofing section, Automatic roofing control system (ARCS), Hydraulic spring, Tilt sensor, Control algorithm, Operation cycle.

Contact information
phone: +7 (3843) 73-48-00


UDC 622.8:621.315.687.1:621.879 K.. Yurov, 2014

Konstantin . Yurov
Senior Engineer, CJSC 3 Russia

Solution to Problem of End Connection of Excavating KGE-type Cable

This article examines the control of breakups of end connections of high-voltage flexible cable feeding mining excavator, by mounting special flexible cold shrinking and combined 3 Russia cable end connections.

KGE, Excavator, End connection, Breakup, Cable end connection, Cold shrinking.

Contact information
phone: +7 (495) 784-74-74


UDC 629.11.012.5:622.3 Eurotire, 2014


With Eurotire to Dnepropetrovsk

The paper describes the visit to Eurotire Tyre Works in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). It contains the interviews with visitors and facility representatives. They tell about the manufacture of giant tires for mining industry and Eurotire Tyre Works in Dnepropetrovsk.

Giant tires, Eurotire, Eurotire Bias-ply Tire Works (Dnepropetrovsk)

Contact information
phone: +7 (3842) 68-01-68;  e-mail:


UDC 622.33(470):658.155 I.G. Tarazanov, 2013

Igor G. Tarazanov
Deputy Chief Editor of Ugol' Magazine,
Mining Engineer

Russias Coal Industry Performance for January-December, 2013

The article provides an analytical review of Russias coal industry performance for January-December, 2013 on the basis of statistical, technical & economic and production figures. The review contains diagrams, tables and comprehensive statistical data.

Coal Production, Economy, Efficiency, Coal Processing, Coal Market, Supply, Coal Exports and Imports, Safety.

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UDC 658.387:658.155:622.33(571.513) V.B. Artemyev, A.B. Kilin, A.S. Kostarev, V.P. Kavyshkin, V.. Galkin, A.. Makarov, 2014

Vladimir B. Artemyev
Deputy General Director
Director for Production Operations, OJSC SUEK, Doctor of Engineering

Akexey B. Kilin
CEO LLC SUEK-Khakassia, Candidate of Engineering

Andrey S. Kostarev
Deputy CEO Finance and Economics Director, LLC SUEK-Khakassia,
Candidate of Economics

Vladimir P. Kavyshkin
Chairman of the board, LLC Vostochno-Beysky Open-pit Mine

Vladimir . Galkin
Chairman of the board, LLC NIIOGR, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Alexander . Makarov
CEO LLC NIIOGR, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Concordance is a Criterion and Production Efficiency and Security-Enhancing Product

The paper explains the content and meaning of concordance as the most important part of leaders functional; it examines in specific terms its effect on development of a coal producer.

Concordance, Interrelation, Interaction, Production efficiency and safety.

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UDC 658.387:658.155:622.33:622.8 V.N. Kuletsky, A.I. Kainov, A.M. Makarov, 2014

Valery N. Kuletsky
CEO, OJSC Tugnuysky Open-pit Mine

Alexander I. Kainov
Technical Drector, OJSC Tugnuysky Open-pit Mine

Alexander M. Makarov
Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Improvement of Underground Operation Planning using Criteria and Measures
of Production Efficiency and Safety

The paper justifies the measures, the record of which when planning mining operations enable to improve efficiency and safety of equipment use and personnel work.

Open-pit Mine, Safety, Efficiency, Criterion, Mining operations, Planning.

Contact information


UDC 622.7:622.33:622.807(083.75) A.G. Shulgin, K.V. Shestakov, 2014

Alexander G. Shulgin
Project Chief Engineer, LLC Coralina Engineering

Konstantin V. Shestakov
Chief of Ventilation and Heat Supply, LLC Coralina Engineering

On Some Problems of Formulation of the Project of Complex Dedusting
in Coal Benefication Plants

The paper examines the necessity of introduction of changes into Provision on pulverized-coal and gas operation in coal benefication facilities (plants) in connection with discovered contradictions in the normative technical documents and current problems when developing the project of complex dedusting in coal benefication facilities.

Projecting of complex dedusting, Pulverized-coal and gas operation.

Contact information


UDC 658.512:622.22:622.33(083.75) V.I. Efimov, R.V. Sidorov, T.V. Korchagina, 2014

Viktor I. Efimov
Doctor of Engineering, Professor of MGGU

Roman V. Sidorov
Director, LLC Prokopgiprougol

Tatiana V. Korchagina
Deputy Director for Projecting LLC Prokopgiprougol,
Candidate of Designing

Study of Problems of Normative Support of Designing of Coal Mining
and Processing Facilities

This paper is a response to the proposal of UGOL revue to discuss the matters involved in the article of . Shulgin and .Logachev (Ugol No1-2014) in designing of coal producing and processing facilities. It analyzes noncompliances and various readings of legal acts. The design institute and specialists of OJSC KhK SDS-Ugol are ready to take the most active part in solving painful problems, seeing their significance and urgency.

Design documentation, Legal acts, Expert evaluation, Study of noncompliances, Coal producers.

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UDC 622.85:622.882.003 I.V. Zenkov, B.N. Nefedov, V.N. Vokin, Yu.P. Yuronen, E.V. Kiriushina, 2014

Igor V. Zenkov
Doctor of Engineering, Berdsk Branch of Berdskstroymash,
Special Design and Production Engineering Office Nauka, KNTs of Siberian Branch
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Boris N. Nefedov
Candidate of Engineering, Berdsk Branch of Berdskstroymash
Special Design and Production Engineering Office Nauka, KNTs of Siberian Branch
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Vladimir N. Vokin
Professor, FGAOU VPO Sibirski Federalny Universitet,
Candidate of Engineering

Yury P. Yuronen
Assistant Professor, FGAOU VPO Sibirski Federalny Aerokosmos Universitet,
Candidate of Engineering

Elena V. Kiriushina
Senior Lecturer, FGAOU VPO Sibirski Federalny Universitet,
Candidate of Engineering

Results of Remote Sensing and Field Season Activities on Research
of Land Ecosystems in Rock Dumps of Borodinsky Open-pit Mine

The paper presents the summarized results of processing photographs from spacecrafts and field season activities with a view to detect dynamics of recovery of land ecosystems in rock dumps of Borodinsky Open-pit Mine.

Open coal mining, Geo-ecology of mining and processing industry, Rock dumps, Land ecosystems, Space remote sensing of resources.

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